Ford sees gamification solving travel problems, offers 10,000 euro prize to developers for best app solution

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

August 6, 2015


Ford wants to change the way we travel around the world’s cities, and has announced a new incentive for games developers who can come up with an app-based, gamified solution. The Smart Mobility Game Challenge, which was revealed during the Gamescom trade show currently underway in Germany, challenges developers to gamify the often arduous task of getting to and from work.

Ken Washington, Ford’s VP research and advanced engineering, said:


“The Smart Mobility Game Challenge is designed to harness the creativity of the gaming community and empower gamers to take a fresh approach to tackling today’s global mobility issues. Applying the fun, engaging and rewarding aspects of games to journey planning can allow people to improve their commutes, track their success and become aware of how their behaviour impacts the transport infrastructure as a whole.”

Ford wants developers to use gamification to help solve daily travel problems

Ford sees gamification as an ideal solution to encouraging people to change commuting habits, and says games could be used to push less well-used routes, provide rewards for cycling or walking, and integrate everything from public transport systems to Ford’s own GoDrive ride-sharing system.

Ford’s put up a considerable incentive for developers to work on the project, by turning it into a competition, and is offering 10,000 euros, around $10,900, to the winning developer with the best idea. The winning app will be presented at MWC 2016, after being judged by a panel of five industry experts.

The competition is open until October 1 this year, and entries can be submitted here.