Football App Kickerinho Generates High eCPMs using Leadbolt Direct Deals

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Posted: April 29, 2015

The games division of Tabasco Interactive wanted to ensure they achieved their revenue goals with their new mobile football game ‘Kickerinho’. Leadbolt helped Tabasco Interactive on their mission with their Direct Deals Marketplace that offered the company high-quality inventory from a host of advertisers and specific campaigns that were able to be run instantly. Leadbolt announced Leadbolt Connect for mobile advertising last year to ‘buck’ the trend toward Real Time Bidding with a more transparent platform.
As a result of Leadbolt’s help the game generated eCPMs up to $15 USD globally – these were across Tier 1, 2 and 3 nations. In the iTunes store, Kickerinho has become the number one game across 58 countries. Speaking of the success they had with Leadbolt Karol Drzymała, head of development in the games division at Tabasco Interactive, said:

“Our hallmark is quality. As developers, we put a big emphasis on all the small details that when combined together – make a great user experience. We apply the same high standard to our app monetization strategy, which is why Leadbolt Direct Deals appealed to us. We tapped into awesome advertisers and chose the campaigns that resonate with our players. Judging by the ad engagement and revenue, our players are enjoying the ads they see, which is in line with the top-notch experience we want to deliver.”

 For more check out the Leadbolt website here.