FocusMotion releases SDK for movement tracking on wearable devices

Andy Boxall

In App Development, Wearables

September 10, 2015

focusmotion logo

Fitness technology company FocusMotion has announced the release if its first SDK, designed to help developers track movements, gestures, and exercise on a range of wearable devices. FocusMotion’s algorithm is already used by Samsung, Microsoft, and Pebble, but the SDK marks the first time it has been openly released.

Cavan Canavan, CEO at FocusMotion, said:


“FocusMotion’s core expertise is understanding movements, exercise and gestures, but we know that there’s more to human movement than our current catalog – a gym-goer, a yogi, a golfer, a factory worker. These users need specially designed solutions, so we wanted to give developers direct access to incredibly powerful signal processing and machine learning tools to help them craft great experiences.”

FocusMotion enables developers to better track users movements using wearable devices

The SDK provides developers with access to a database covering at least 50 different exercises, and the machine learning tool Robo where users can record movements to create their own set pattern.

FocusMotion’s SDK is available for Android only at the moment, and provided your app has fewer than 10,000 users, it’s free. Other wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch and the Microsoft Band, will be supported later this year. The SDK can be downloaded here.