Flipboard launches Cinema Loop mobile advertising unit

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 4, 2016

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Flipboard, the digital social magazine, has launched a new edition of its Cinema Loop advertising unit which supports mobile ads better than before. It has also added vertical video support. Flipboard lets advertisers tap into vertical video formats for premium audiences on smartphones.
Flipboard Cinema Loop ads
150824-Video-AdsSource: flipboard.com
Nicole McCormack, Head of Advertising Strategy, Flipboard, says:
nicole mccormack

“More and more video production is being filmed and edited for vertical viewing on mobile phones. This optimized mobile video production allows for easier viewing and higher engagement with mobile viewers. These vertical video assets now have a home on Flipboard.”

The Cinema Loop product offers a full-screen experience for mobile users whilst featuring auto-play videos and user-initiated video. It enables advertisers to take the best three to 10-second portion of their creative and play it in a .gif-like animation to entice the users to view the full video.
Flipboard says that brands have already begun to notice high video completion rates. Videos being verticals means that Cinema Loop can be more effective. The current version of Cinema Loop was showing a 20% higher video completion rate and twice the engagement rate compared to industry benchmarks than user-initiated video.
The Bleecker Street Anthropoid campaign launches today.
Tyler Dinapoli, President of Marketing, Media and Research, Bleecker Street, adds:
tyler dinapoli

“We are excited to see Flipboard’s new vertical video added to their mobile platform. Combined with the typically high engagement Flipboard sees for its user-initiated video products, I’m eager to see the results of this campaign.”

Cinema Loop also supports longer video formats in addition to the 15 to 30 second spots. Flipboard adds that video messages can be sent out during “personal primetime” to reach consumers when they’re most open to engage. User give permission to show content which adds to the consumer empowerment of the solution.