Five mobile advertising industry heavyweights get together to form The Collective

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

September 24, 2015

The Collective, a new joint project led by mobile app marketing tracker, Kochava, in collaboration with mobile media sources AdXcel, Altrooz, Appia and Liquid, has been formed to establish meaningful audience matches between advertisers and publisher without advertisers sacrificing unique user data.
The Collective features a Mobile Graph that allows advertisers to create custom audiences and target them. This Graph is made up of a pool of network-supplied data, an API layer for the information exchange and an Audience Manager tool to create precise targeting.
The Collective – How it works
Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava, explains:

“Asking an advertiser to hand over their unique user data is akin to asking a professional sports team to hand over their playbook, along with notes on what’s working and what’s not, to their competitors. The Collective believes that the advertiser’s data is their data and we adhere to how the advertiser wants their data to be treated. At the same time, publishers want to make their audience data available to advertisers to enable better targeting, filtering and ad buying – at scale. We achieve both with the Collective.”

Essentially, the Collective functions like a match maker between the marketer and the networks as well as their publisher sources. An advertiser leverages it to determine the best networks to reach particular users. At the same time, overlap across multiple ad networks is eliminated.
Rob Crumpler, CEO, Altrooz, adds:
rob crumpler

“The open delivery model brought on by the Collective empowers networks to put their best foot forward when it comes to delivering the right audience, and brings much needed transparency to the process of finding the best networks to execute campaigns based on the audience an advertiser is trying to reach. The Collective makes everyone’s job easier, giving advertisers a simple way to create custom audiences, and automatically revealing the best networks to deliver those audiences.”

The Collective is being headed by Tan Tmangraksat, Vice President of Audience Monetization, Kochava. He brings on board 10+ years of experience in the digital ad industry and most recently led Publisher Solutions at Airpush. He says:
tan kochava

“Mobile user acquisition campaigns are growing in cost as supply is shrinking with the steep spike in demand. The Collective stands to drive incredible efficiencies for mobile advertisers and we anticipate this project will have a snowball effect on the industry; the larger the pool of participants in the Collective, the greater the benefit for everyone involved. Join us, and together we will revolutionize mobile advertising.”