Fetch counter-sues Uber to demand outstanding payment for mobile ad campaigns

Fetch, the mobile advertising agency owned by Dentsu Aegis, is counter-suing ride-hailing app Uber after the company failed to pay millions of dollars for ad campaigns.
Uber originally sued Fetch back in September, claiming that it had been billed for ‘fake’ online ads and citing click fraud as a reason. This, the company states, would have caused ad fraud damages of $50 million.
Now, Fetch has fired back and filed the lawsuit with the same California, US, federal court where Uber originally filed its suit against Fetch.
The ride-hailing app’s lawsuit alleged that ads had appeared on blacklisted websites such as Breitbart, despite the company asking Fetch to take them down. Fetch supposedly reported these clicks as coming from other websites.
Uber dismissed the lawsuit on December 22, 2017, following a reassignment of the case to District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. Instead, the company planned to move the claim to a San Francisco court.
Fetch now claims that Uber dismissed the case on purpose in order to avoid Rogers, which had previously overseen another case involving the company.
Fetch is demanding payment of $19.7 million in outstanding invoices from Uber.
According to Fetch, its work for Uber also helped the company register over 35 million riders.