Factual rolls out new mobile SDK for better user engagement

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 6, 2017

Location data provider, Factual, recently rolled out a brand new mobile software development kit (SDK) for developers to combine their location and other data into mobile apps. Dubbed Engine, Factual says the SDK features boost user engagement and can boost personalised interactions.
Engine is a combination of Factual’s Global Places data and behavioural patterns to improve user context and identify the right moment to engage. The machine learning algorithm also takes into account business operating hours, device usage patterns, and user speed and direction of travel.
Among the top features of the new SDK are Place Attachment technology which can match a device’s location to a unique place or point of interest. It’s essentially a more accurate way to determine a user’s location than geofencing alone.
In addition, the Engine can record changing user locations throughout the day to provide enhanced analytics and enable developers to gain a better understanding of their audiences. These insights can then be configured using “circumstances”, which are basically targeting rules that combine time, location and certain attributes e.g. “near a coffee shop, at a mall, during lunch hours.”
In response to circumstances, actions can be triggered such as push notifications, updating status, third-party API or other custom actions.
Gil Elbaz, founder and CEO, Factual, explains:

“The bar for smart and intelligent apps is rising exponentially, and developers demand solutions that help them provide personalized, effortless experiences to end users. Engine is uniquely able to understand a device’s exact location and movement, and using that location intelligence, design customized outcomes for users.”

Among the clients who are already using Engine SDK is Doppler Labs’ Here One Wireless Smart Earbuds and app. With Engine, the app can detect the location of a device and recommend noise filters for a certain environment.

“Factual’s Engine mobile SDK provided the most accurate location intelligence we’ve seen and was the clear choice to power our app,” said Bentley Rubinstein, Director of Marketing Doppler Labs. “It’s imperative that a device’s location is recognized accurately to provide an intuitive and delightful user experience, and as a result we’ve seen high customer engagement within the app.”

Factual adds that Engine can also be integrated with third-party analytics platforms such as Mixpanel, Oracle Responsys and Segment.