Facebook’s new Parse SDK embraces the Internet of Things

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

March 31, 2015

parse logo

Parse, the mobile app infrastructure platform acquired by Facebook in 2013, has introduced several new SDKs, including one dedicated to the Internet of Things. Unveiled during Facebook’s F8 developer conference, the SDK is designed for the Arduino Yun board, and according to Parse co-founder and CEO Ilya Sukhar, developers only need a few lines of code before the Yun is happily chatting with a Parse-built app.

James Yu, Parse co-founder, wrote about the new IoT SDK in a blog post, saying:


“At Parse, our passion is making developer experiences easier on any platform—including platforms that extend beyond mobile. Of these platforms, one of the most exciting new spaces is the Internet of Things. We believe that connecting more hardware devices with the cloud has the potential to change the world for the better. We are already seeing devices that add tremendous value to people’s lives, from wearables that help you sleep better to insulin trackers that aid people living with diabetes”

The SDK will enable push notifications, a save data setting, and access to the Parse Cloud. Additionally, Parse added support for the React JavaScript library, a new debugging tool, Enhanced Sessions to assist with data security, and a feature called Cloud Code Webhooks, enabling developers to code in multiple languages.

Parse has shared its SDKs through GitHub, and has provided a wealth of documentation on its own website. See here for quick start guides for incorporating the Arduino Yun, and here for more on Webhooks. Finally, you can read more about Parse by visiting its company profile here.