Facebook tests Live video in-feed advertising

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 28, 2016

Facebook has begun to boost its Live video feature by running outdoor advertising to entice people to use the service and let them know that they can now stream live video via the social site. Now, the company has revealed that it is testing an advertising service in live broadcasts for brands and publishers.
Facebook rolls out live video advertising
(Facebook) IT13-FB-040616-company Facebook bolsters its live video streaming
Source: facebook.com
As of right now, such live content is being promoted by sponsored posts through Facebook’s advertising platform. However, the new ad option makes it easier to show ads whilst streaming content live. That’s stepping into TV turf.
Whilst the ads are still being tested, Facebook wouldn’t disclose any more details on pricing or whether there’s going to be a restriction on who may use such ads. However, if Facebook is trying to take a slice out of the TV advertising book then these ads may not come cheap and suit larger brands and publishers better.
In addition, live video advertising presents a unique challenge in terms of time lag and matching ad content at exactly the right moment.
Benefit Cosmetics is among the companies which has already tested the feature and the company now has plans to promote its content through Facebook Live at least once a week in 2017. The Brow Hour campaign reached 392,000 engagements and 389,000 views.
Ethelbert Williams, CMO for cosmetic brand InstaNatural, believes the higher price tag won’t be an issue:
ethelbert williams

“I do believe [brands] would be willing to invest more in production for Live format if Facebook were able to showcase, guarantee the type of audience reach and scale brands could buy into. There are strategies to boost reach for Live format video today, but the ability to drive better visibility and accountability for what a brand could actually achieve is enticing and helps justify any investment here.”

In addition to live video ads, Facebook is also planning to roll out scheduled live streams.