Facebook rolls out new tools for live video Creators

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 21, 2017

Facebook is obviously hard at work pushing its engagement strategy and has just launched a Creator app that allows social media influencers to develop more creative intros, outros, and custom emojis for their live broadcasts. The new Live Creative Kit also includes an inbox for comments from both Facebook and subsidiaries Instagram and Messenger.

Announced in June at VidCon, the Creator app has finally launched for iOS and Android devices.

Essentially, any Facebook user can download Creator to utilize the more advanced fan engagement tools, and the social media network is also rolling out a best practices website to show influencers exactly what they can do with Creator.

The app combines all the functions influencers and broadcasters would need to manage their live video presences whilst on the go.

Using the app is simple: creators simply install the app and then upload their intros and outros, such as certain musical pieces or calls-to-action. Once enabled, they will play at the beginning and end of a broadcast.

Although live videos are meant to be raw, creators have been calling for neater ways to introduce their content. After all, polished content is still an important aspect of the user experience.

Facebook is also bringing the interaction to the viewers by adding additional buttons to the usual “like”, including “haha” and “angry”.

The news are potentially a threat for the likes of YouTube. If Facebook Live can manage to entice more users to live broadcast on the platform, it could lure viewers and creators away from competitors.

By putting all interactions from multiple social media networks into a single app, creators may be more enticed to use Creator for their live streaming events. Creator’s conversation monitoring features could also be a huge draw for advertisers looking to target specific audiences or moods as well as fan demographics.

For now, however, Facebook still lacks the monetization features which YouTube offers. That means, video creators are not receiving any rewards for their streams which could dampen their desire to post regularly. Or perhaps for now, they will only share certain streams on Facebook and keep more monetization-worthy videos on YouTube.