Facebook rolls out Dynamic Ads for Instagram

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. May 11, 2016

With 54% of US consumers now spending time in mobile apps and 60% using Instagram to discover new products, Facebook has just added a few new features to its mobile ad products. The social media giant says that marketers need to be aware of how consumers are using social media to discover new products and services on their mobile devices. Indeed, 75% of consumers have previously taken action after being inspired by a post.
Now, Facebook has rolled out Dynamic adverts for Instagram, a feature which is already available for Facebook marketers. Dynamic ads automate product ads to show consumers items which they previously looked at or even purchased. The Instagram addition lets advertisers target audiences across both sites with highly tailored and personalised content. Dynamic creative and targeting is automated.
Facebook extends dynamic ads to Instagram
Source: facebook.com
Jewlr, the Canadian jewellery retailer, successfully targeted US consumers on Instagram, who had previously viewed or added a product to the Jewlr website basket. Its return on advertising spend tripled since launching Dynamic ads on Instagram.
In addition, Facebook also announced extra support for travel companies. In 2016, 73% of US consumers are expected to research a trip on their mobile devices. Using Dynamic adverts for travel, advertisers will be able to target consumers who have expressed an interest in traveling.
The addition also makes it easier to finish a hotel or flight booking, by showing relevant deals to people linked to a travel site’s website or app. Hotel options include dynamic availability and pricing for instant booking success and up-to-date information.
The addition is currently in beta.
Thomas Wrobel, Head of Global Performance Marketing, Trivago, says:
thomas wrobel

“Facebook’s Dynamic adverts solution is one of the most effective retargeting solutions available on the market. It adapts quickly to our needs and helps us drive significant traffic to Trivago properties. Using Dynamic adverts, we’ve seen a 1,200% year-on-year increase in return on advertising spend, and we’re eager to test the new capabilities that Dynamic adverts for travel allow. The possibility to manage, target and build campaigns with our Facebook Marketing Partner, Adphorus, has really helped us scale.”