Facebook rolls out bots for Messenger app

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 13, 2016

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Facebook has just rolled out its Messenger chat bot platform, which allows companies to engage their consumers through Facebook’s Messenger app by starting a conversation. In addition to live messaging, bots enable businesses to send out automated replies.
Facebook launches Messenger chat bot
Source: messengerplatform.fb.com
The company has previously rolled out Click to Message news feed ads. Both types of message ads offer ways for brands to communicate on a more personal level with users. Chat bots are designed to respond to user requests such as a product question and then provide an instant answer. By telling a bot your preferences, you’ll be guided to the relevant content faster.
Brand Spring testing chat bot

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Source: messengerplatform.fb.com

However, there is the danger that sponsored messages could cloud the chat experience and over time discourage people from opening the app in order to ignore advertising messages.

David Marcus, VP of Product for Messenger, Facebook, says:

david marcus

“These will definitely be limited […] we’re very paranoid about that and we don’t want bad things to happen to anyone.”

Facebook certainly has the means to carefully monitor sponsored messages. He adds:

“We have the ability to control the number and quality of messages that are sent to you, which is not the case with email. And you have those prominent user controls. […] We’re very cautions. [The goal is to create a] high quality, high signal, low noise experience for everyone.”

In addition, he told TechCrunch that messages may not trigger sounds or push notifications, which makes the experience less interruptive to the consumer.