Facebook revamps features for mobile Page Insights

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

February 13, 2018

Facebook has just adapted its advertising metrics to help companies improve their insights into posts and campaigns run across the social network. Businesses tend to use such metrics via Page Insights to find out how many people are viewing their posts.
As part of the move, the company is boosting consistency by changing how it measures organic reach of pages. In addition, Facebook will revisit the way it calculates advertising reach.
Therefore, ad views are now counted as those which are visible on a person’s screen compared to how many times the post was delivered in a News Feed.
This also means that Facebook page owners should notice reduced reach numbers than before. For now though, the previous reach metrics will still be shown alongside the new ones to allow advertisers to make a smooth transition to the new metrics.
Metrics can be viewed in the Page Insights sections.
To make it easier to find information on mobile devices, the social network has also revamped its Page Insights for mobile.
As such, top used metrics such as page diagnostics, page engagement and consumer actions will be featured along the top bar of the Insights page.
Facebook said in a blog post:

“The goal of these updates is to make the insights businesses care most about more easily accessible. For example, a Page owner can use the redesigned Page Insights to create a new post based off previous posts that have gained the most traction, or create new ad campaigns reaching people in their most engaged demographic. So far, Page owners testing the redesign have found the updated Page Insights to be more valuable than the old version. So we’re rolling out the updated Page Insights globally today on iOS and Android.”