Facebook launches dedicated app install ad feed on its mobile app

Facebook has added a new section to its mobile app, focused solely on displaying app install ads to the user. It’s reminiscent of the standard News Feed, but instead of showing friend activity, it lists 25 app ads, complete with an icon, a rating, a basic description, and an eye-catching main image. After browsing through the list, a refresh button can be tapped for another 25 ads.
Facebook’s new app install ad feed includes a call to action
FB Ads
The ads are shown to users with profiles matching those targeted by the advertisers, and organised using a News Feed-style algorithm, according to a Facebook representative speaking to TechCrunch. Facebook will retain the same CPC, CPI, and oCPM charging structure it uses for ads which appear in the News Feed.
Facebook’s representative also said:

“We’re always looking for ways to help people discover apps that are relevant for them, as well as opportunities for advertisers to reach these people, so we’re exploring a few new places to surface apps we think people will be interested in.”

Facebook is gradually rolling out the feature to its users, and it can be found using a Find Apps option under the navigation menu, or from the drop down menu which appears when an app ad is hidden from the News Feed. Provided Facebook’s list of apps is useful and relevant to the user, it should increase the chances of it being downloaded. It’s also an interesting solution to app ad overload in the News Feed, and a clever way to specifically target people who want to see app advertisements.
A Find Apps link can be found in the mobile app menu
FB Ads2
Earlier this month, Facebook announced a few new features for its app install ads, including frequency management and campaign reach tools. For more information on Facebook’s app install ads program, visit our in-depth guide here.