Facebook hammers Tune with ban on deep-linking 

Mobile analytics and performance marketing company Tune is having to turn off its deep-linking to measure ad campaigns after Facebook announced a change in policy.
The changes mean that media companies will no longer be able to use deep links for measurement or tracking purposes. It’s not entirely clear why Facebook made the amendments.
Deep links essentially enable advertisers to measure their app installs and page visits. They further enable marketers to direct audiences toward a specific location within an app.
In a Tune blog post, CEO Peter Hamilton acknowledged that this presented a tough situation for the company.

“Over 400 marketers implemented this solution over the last year, and we believed that measurement using deep links was safely protected as an open protocol, established by Android and iOS.”
“There is no question that this Facebook policy change will complicate things for our customers, and I want you to know that we are here to help in any way possible. That said, it is very important for us to make sure we approach policies and terms with extreme compliance in these situations, both to the spirit and the letter of those terms.”

It’s not yet clear how the change will affect Tune in the long-term. For now, the change makes it harder for marketers to measure their Facebook campaign efforts.
Tune will still provide aggregate-level measurement of Facebook via its Ad Partner ROAS report in Multiverse. This shows installs, clicks and impressions.
The company also recommended that customers do not contact Facebook to ask for a reversal on the policy. Instead, it’s important to accept the change and move on, according to Tune.
Hamilton added:

“You can bet that we’ll be doubling down on our vision to make all marketing measurable, judged on performance, location aware, and people centered across platforms and devices.”