Facebook brings deep linking to mobile app install ads

Facebook recently announced that it has added deep linking as a feature to its in-app purchase install ads. This gives brands and marketers the opportunity to direct customers to specific places within a mobile app.
Facebook’s deep links direct mobile app users towards specific information within an app
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Source: developers.facebook.com
If a person clicks on a mobile app install ad, developers can choose to send them to a product page instead of a homepage, offering a way to market products and services more directly. Facebook deep links simplify the process between customers seeing an advert and them being led to the relevant product. Ultimately this helps to increase a brand’s conversion rates.
In his recent Developer blog post, John Ketchpaw of Facebook writes:

“For example, if a travel app is running mobile app install ads featuring a vacation to San Francisco, people who install the app and open it will be taken directly to information about the San Francisco offer. This makes it more likely the person will find information about the San Francisco trip that interested them, rather than having to search for it manually. Removing extra steps between clicking the ad and getting to the travel offer provides a more seamless customer experience.”

Deep linking is available as part of the company’s open, cross platform App Links and aligns the company as a major player for developers through deep integration and other developer tool sets. Earlier this week, Facebook announced a partnership with IBM to integrate its ad-targeting solutions.