Facebook boosts support for 3D posts and adds simplified group calls

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

February 22, 2018

Following the launch of 3D posts, Facebook has added support for the gIFT 2.0 file format. This lets interactive 3D page post creators add additional creative features to their posts.
Creatives will get to create their own 3D modelling apps, websites and 3D cameras to share to the News Feed. Users will be able to simply drag-and-drop their 3D objects into their feed.
The move aligns with the social media company’s vision to boost its virtual and augmented reality endevaours.

“We’re trying to make 3D a native part of the Facebook ecosystem. Stage 3 is getting these 3D objects into AR,” explained Ocean Quigley, creative director for social VR at Facebook. “We’re trying to lay the foundational steps so Facebook can go with users into their 3D worlds of VR and AR.”

The applications also offer huge opportunities for brands and advertisers to engage more effectively with users across the site. Indeed, Wayfair already allows users to check out furniture in 3D.
In other product news, the social media giant has now simplified group calls in its Messenger app. As part of the revamp, users are able to easily switch from a one-to-one chat to a group chat. They won’t even have to hang up to do so.
The addition will benefit users who are already using Messenger regularly to call their friends and family.
The process is simple. Users switch from a chat to a group call by tapping the screen and selecting the “add person” icon. They can then select others to add on the call.
Sarah Morris, product manager for Messenger, explained:

“With the ability to add more people seamlessly to your calls, you can continue your conversation in the moment, just like if you were together in real life. Never again worry about skipping a beat when sharing your BFF’s spontaneous karaoke performance on Messenger. Sharing moments like these is now a few quick taps away.”