Facebook adds one million new advertisers in under a year – expands mobile advertising tools

Advertisers on Facebook have increased by one million since the end of 2016 and hit five million this month. That’s according to an announcement by the social media giant.
Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, told Forbes that the company’s focus was on smaller businesses which are largely responsible for the rapid growth in ad revenues.
She added that technology was democratising the advertising landscape.

“Your phone can shoot a video ad, and for just a few dollars, you can reach people on Facebook. The fact that those tools are now simple enough and accessible enough that five million can use them is pretty exciting.”

Having attracted one million additional advertisers in the space of just eight months is a pretty good achievement. In addition, Facebook revealed that 65 million businesses now had pages on the platform.
The company generated $26.9 billion in advertising revenue in 2016, and subsidiary Instagram has been steadily growing its reach as well and revealed it reached one million advertisers in March 2017.
Sandberg adds:

“We’re working hard to give small businesses the same opportunities to create, share and target that large businesses have.”

To ensure advertising growth, Facebook has launched a set of new tools for ad clients to better manage their mobile campaigns.
The Ads Manager app update allows advertisers to apply a one-click option to reinstate ads which performed well previously. It now also features recommended actions on high-performing campaigns and offers additional insights.
The company rolled out Mobile Studio to show businesses how they can create better ads for mobile devices in just a few minutes.
Access to Blueprint eLearning courses are offering best practices for Facebook ads and apps.
Given that smartphones are quickly becoming a main access point for Facebook properties, advertisers have been shifting their focus to mobile ads.