Facebook adds new mobile app ad formats to its Audience Network

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Facebook has added several new ad formats to its Audience Network. Announced in mid-August, the social network now gives mobile advertisers the opportunity to use autoplay native video ads, and several new interstitial formats.
In the announcement blog post, Facebook says:

“We have a deep understanding of what formats perform well and drive engagement in Facebook News Feed and are taking two of our best performing units and making them available off Facebook to further empower Audience Network publishers and help drive results for advertisers.”

Native ads already represent more than 80% of the ad impressions made through the Audience Network, making the upgraded iOS and Android SDK of particular interest. By using the new MediaView system, it now adds autoplay native video seen in the Facebook News Feed to apps.
Carousel Ads are just one of the new app ad formats added to Facebook’s Audience Network
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Advertisers already using Facebook’s interstitial ads will also gain access to three new formats, ready for use on their existing ads. These are Dynamic Product Ads, where personalized product placement ads can be integrated into an app, and Carousel Ads. These open up more screen real estate, and can show five images inside a single ad unit. Finally, there’s a click-to-play video format.
More information about Facebook’s Audience Network can be found here.