EZmob helps publishers to generate more ad revenue on existing traffic

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Partner Post - EZmob Maximise Mobile Traffic with EZmob

Posted: February 8, 2016

Exciting news from EZmob where a variety of monetization tools for publishers have been recently released. If you don’t know yet, EZmob is one of the leading mobile ad networks specializing in creating new ad positions for publishers increasing end of month revenue on existing traffic.
EZmob connects publishers and app developers to over a 1000 top tier brands and advertisers, and generates revenue worldwide.
EZmob helps you engage users with a variety of ads 
Publishers can currently choose between standard banner ad units, overlay ads and interstitial. EZmob’s ads can be integrated on top of existing banner ads to allow additional ad revenue to be generated on existing traffic.
You can join EZmob as a Publisher or Advertiser here  or contact EZmob at info@ezmob.com