Eyeota partners with Adbrain to improve mobile audience data for web and apps


It is no longer a secret that adverts reflecting a consumer’s behaviour and choices performs better than non-targeted ads. As such, mobile data should reflect consumer behaviour in both mobile apps and web environments.

That is why Eyeota, the audience data firm, has partnered with Adbrain, a provider of intelligent cross-device technology solutions, to expand Eyeota’s audience data from desktop to mobile.

The data will be made available via demand side platforms, according to the company.

For marketers, the expansion means that they will be able to access new mobile audiences to target mobile consumers across both the web and app environment.

Kevin Tan, CEO, Eyeota, explains:

“Adbrain has a unique position in the market by being independent of media, which allows the company to be laser-focused on the quality of its data. Adbrain’s commitment to ensuring its data is of the highest quality matches our own. As more marketers continue to invest heavily in mobile, our partnership puts us in a great position to provide mobile data segments that help marketers take their campaigns to the next level.”

Adbrain reaches over five billion IDs worldwide. In the US alone, the company matches 80% of smartphones to other devices and offers the ability to map clients’ first-party data sets.

Gareth Davies, CEO, Adbrain, adds:

“We’re happy to be entering into this partnership with Eyeota, a company that has deep roots globally, and help them to expand their reach into mobile. We look forward to working together to extend the adoption of their data in the U.S. marketplace.”

With mobile advertising now in line to reach £7 billion in ad expenditure, the partnership presents a good opportunity for Eyeota to align itself with a marketing area that is seeing significant growth.