ExoClick rolls out new payment model for in-stream video ad formats

ExoClick, the ad company, just launched a new cost-per-mille (CPM) payment model for its in-stream video advertising formats. This lets advertisers bid on CPM and Smart CPM in addition to cost per view (CPV) and cost-per-click (CPC).

The format will be available for pre, mid and post video ads. ExoClick has around 665 websites across its network currently using in-stream video ads.

ExoClick’s CEO and founder Benjamin Fonzé commented:

“ExoClick introduced the in-stream video format back in May 2017 and we have seen rapid growth for this format. We have really opened up the video advertising concept to our global network of clients. With huge growth in consumers watching video content online it makes perfect sense for advertisers to take advantage of this format by producing their own video ads. Video ads offer a huge advantage for advertisers to tell their story and engage users in order to drive clicks to their offers”.

Earlier this year, the company also shares some network figures for in-stream video formats.

According to the findings, 44% of in-stream impressions are now served on desktop, compared to 46% on mobile and 10% on tablets. Meanwhile, 75% of tablet impressions were on iPad, whilst iPhone impressions were 48% of mobile impressions for in-stream. Android attracted 52% of impressions.

Games were the top category for the in-stream ad format at 37.5%, followed by Live cams (27.5%), VoD sites (19.5%) and dating (15.5%).