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Posted: June 20, 2016

Ariel Porchera, CEO of Waypedia, was born and raised in Argentina and is an accomplished singer, dancer and entrepreneur. While always strongly involved in online businesses as an entrepreneur, Ariel has worked on a number of creative projects before launching Waypedia 2 years ago. This includes several years working with Disney, Dancing with the Stars, and releasing a music album. For Ariel, “my music and business is the only thing I do, and I love it!”
It’s been a while since we covered mobile app business and marketing back in 2014. A lot of things have changed in this business, it’s time to revise it. I’m not going to throw away all points made at that time but rather will build upon that foundation.
Let’s walk through the three steps you’ll to follow to launch your app on the market and make it a success.
App Market Research
So your first step is about doing an extensive market research. It’s a creative process that will require researching successful app launch stories, picking up specific app marketing hints and learning on mistakes of others. Use social and gaming apps cases as the best examples of a successful app business venture. The reason for such spectacular success of these apps comes down to two reasons – simplicity and easy-to-use. While doing your app market research you need to dive into your app’s future users behavior. Your app will need to serve a specific function to meet their needs.
By studying cases of successful app developers you’ll be able to understand what steps did lead to their success. The next crucial component is funding, a good practice will be to start funding your app 3-4 months in advance of an app development. Remember that funding will be the backbone of your app business. Focus on what people will be doing with your app today, don’t be distracted by future concerns. As time goes by and you’ll be going more and more experience, you’ll be able to work out a long term strategy to improve your app and meet your users needs better.
The idea your app will be built upon is going to be its major selling point and so I advice to do not proceed with your app monetization strategy right away. But don’t send thoughts about this strategy into oblivion forever, eventually you’ll need to work it out – you will need to have a clear understanding of what your app will be selling. You’ll need a combination of a unique and easy-to-understand idea with a robust strategy for what so sell or offer with your app in the future.
Finally, allocate your funds and set a deadline for your app’s launch. For instance, if you want to launch your app on a Christmas Eve, you’ll need to start working on your app in mid summer.
App Development
The next logical step after a market research is an app development. This step will require your daily involvement in communication with your app developer. App development process requires a lot of decision making for even small details, remember – devil is in details. Make sure you choose the right team to go through this long journey and get a great app in result. To streamline your app development process I recommend you to keep in mind four principles:
Simplicity: keep your app simple in terms of functionality and design. Make it obvious for a teenager to figure out. People need to understand your app functionality in less than 10 seconds. If it takes more chances are they will loose their interest to your app and uninstall it. To get a good example compare Twitter with Instagram and Snapchat to see how mistakes in Twitter’s app UI have lead to its grow problem, as oppose to the latter apps that continuously growth.
Functionality: Don’t go over the top. Don’t focus on trying to impress your app users with fancy features, instead focus on the ones that will be essential for a daily use. The app should have everything that is required to work and nothing else.
Easiness of updates: Both major mobile platforms – Android and iOS go through periodic updates, in fact Android does it way more often than iOS. Design your app to be able to update your app relatively easy to meet each OS version requirements and take advantage of new features.
Security: It is absolutely essential to make your app secure. Around 50% of the Waypedia revenue is spent in security! Don’t cut your app development budget on security, otherwise you’ll be having a hard time to get loyal customers for your app in the future.
App Marketing
And finally we’ve come to a very crucial point to make – Marketing. When app market research and development steps are over, it’s time to market your app, to sell it.  App marketing would require lot of money, therefore, you must set the right budget and plan way ahead. You need to make sure that you can actually sell your app’s content, that it actually has a value for its users. If you aren’t confident about marketing of your app, hire a professional. In fact, app marketing process is drastically different from its development and therefore it’ll require your special attention.
Put in use the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. Try to find ways to connect with your app users via social networks communication channel such as a chat. Cross-promotion will be yet another element of a successful promotion campaign for your app and you’ll need a website for your app to do it. Audience targeting is what social networks are so good at, but since it’s expensive, make sure to promote your app via content, don’t upset all right on their faces. Make sure you have a landing page on any medium you’ll be promoting your app. Share a couple of links, create blogs and maybe have some interactive sessions with people.
To make your app a seller it’ll be essential to make sure that it has an impact on its users. You’ll need to make sure people understand the need of your app. Show them how your app is going to change their life. As you’ll be designing your app’s look, keep in mind people who’ll be using it and than focus on the social media platforms that represent them. Don’t waste your time and resources on mediums where your users DO NOT spend time at all!
Ways to promote your App (Basics)
The very last piece of an app marketing to cover is to address the following question – how to drive more people to install my app? No doubts, Facebook is a medium that comes to mind first as the one that fits this to an app user acquisition perfectly. But remember that you’ll need to spend a lot of money to reach out the right audience on Facebook. Usually it costs around $3 per app install on Facebook (at least during the initial app promotion stage) and cost isn’t the only challenge that you’ll be facing using Facebook Mobile App Install Ads solution. Finally, it maybe not the best solution to invest your money and time to promote certain apps.
At Waypedia we’are committed to bring you a lot of traffic and downloads for your app. We offer cheaper rates and can let you have as much as 10,000 downloads every single day! At that volume you can easily kick app store charts all over the world and gaining organic traffic at the short and long run. To be guided through everything ranging from icon, screenshots and even planning your entire budget visit . We would be shortly offering organic installs as well for those who want to target certain specific audience.
Let’s recap what we’re covered in this article:

  • Check your monetization strategies, high end games require investments as high as $500,000, so the right monetization strategy is of utmost importance.
  • Start planning 2-3 months ahead, cover each and everything before you release your app.
  • Keep it simple, clean, functional enough, shareable and updatable.

This is a very exciting time for app developers and app entrepreneurs out there!
How to Start an App Business by Waypedia