The Essential App Marketing Steps for Successful Mobile App Launch

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Posted: August 2, 2016

Thomas Kriebernegg can look back on over 10 years of experience in Online Marketing and 4 years of experience in App Marketing. End of 2015 he teamed up with Christian Janesch and founded his second company appers gmbh. They are developing an app marketing software solution called App Radar.

Thomas Kriebernegg

On many occasions a mobile app development may consume all app developers time and resources. In this situation app marketing is a topic that unfortunately many developers either postpone to take care of after an app development phase is over or even don’t think about at all.

Because of a great number of mobile apps on major platforms, such as iOS and Android, that create a highly competitive environment, the significance of app marketing did become obvious years ago and, as of right now, it’s a matter of an app’s success or failure on the market. Only a combination of a great app design and marketing is what allows an app product to succeed on the market.

App Radar team has done all heavy lifting of compiling a mobile app marketing crucial steps checklist for you to use for your app marketing plan development. Below you can see the major components of the list and a .PDF with a complete checklist.

Do Market Research and know your customers

A mobile app is like any product that a company releases on a market and if it knows its potential audience vaguely, by definition this app will fail and therefore all resources that were spent on its development will be wasted. A proper market research is the first step for an app developer to take to draw a picture of the app’s potential audience.

Any good app is supposed to solve a particular problem, remove a friction in people’s life or entertain them. Before developing your own app you need to have a good understanding of what other apps are on the market that are similar to your app and assess how well they meet people’s expectations. Only when you’ve managed to find your app’s competitors, reveal their weak points and define a specific purpose your app will serve, you may proceed to the next step – design.

Design is Power

Regardless of specific functions your app will have, you need to be creative, attentive to details and do your best to keep your app interface and functionality easy to grasp for people who’ll be using your app. There is a common feature that all successful mobile apps or games have – they are all easy to use and it takes only a couple minutes to understand how they function. Ideally a mobile app graphical design should mimic a look and feel of a pre-installed native OS app.

Set up your web presence

One of the major on-going challenges that a mobile app developer faces once his mobile app is on the market is gaining new users. By creating a mobile-friendly website, you get an online presence to drive traffic to, via different social media channels and therefore generating extra traffic to an app store where it’s published. Also on app’s website you’ll be able to establish two-ways feedback channel with your app users, so you can resolve any potential issues and avoid getting negative comments for your app on an app store.

App Store Optimization for the win

65% of all app downloads on the Apple’s App Store is driven by search. Among all marketing channels you can get installs for your app, search is the one that is capable to bring people with a really clear intent to use your app to serve some particular function for them. Developing the right set of keywords to associate your app with, making sure it has catchy, self-explaining icon, well-written description are all constituents of a proper App Store Optimization process.

The App Launch Checklist

The following Checklist is for you to have in hand while you’re writing your app’s marketing plan and throughout an entire app marketing process. The suggested actions are hints for you and represent actions, to take while idea-, development-, launch- and post-launch-phase.

App Radar mobile app marketing checklist

app launch marketing checklist

You can find out more about Appradar here.