Drawbridge launches new dashboard feature to help advertisers analyse their mobile audiences

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 18, 2016

Drawbridge, the anonymised digital identity company, just launched its Self-Service Evaluation Dashboard for its Connected Consumer Graph, which wants to make it easier to build custom graphs and analyse an advertiser’s audience. Brands and enterprises will get a 60-day trial free of charge. The solution aims to help them understand audience overlap and cross-device usage of their own first-party audience through Connected Consumer Graph.
Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph
Self-Service Dashboard
Source: drawbridge.com
The Self-Service Graph Evaluation Dashboard can be used cross-device to identify audiences on mobile, tablets, desktop, TVs and other devices. Clients get to create visualisations of their audiences by consumer, device, identifier type and country to get a clearer picture of their behaviours. Graphs can also be customised for precision.
Winston Crawford, COO, Drawbridge, adds:
winston crawford

“We’ve seen incredible interest in our cross-device graph, and every brand and enterprise has the understandable desire to ‘kick the tires,’ so to speak, before investing engineering or financial resources. This self-service dashboard not only gives potential customers the ability to evaluate the quality of our graph across multiple dimensions, but it helps us more efficiently serve all of our clients and prospects.”

The Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph now has over one billion consumers across over three billion devices. Nielsen found that the feature was up to 97.3% precise in connecting consumers across devices.