Drawbridge launches new Cross-Device CPG Playbook

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising Blog. September 16, 2016

Digital advertising company, Drawbridge, has launched a new Playbook which offers strategies and tactics to help CPG marketers to improve the path-to-purchase via cross-device and point-of-sale targeting as well as product-level attribution. The new playbook includes tools and best practices to help guide in correct messaging practices and find the best audience segments and advanced attribution capabilities for ROI measurement at SKU level.
Drawbridge releases new playbook
Source: drawbridge.com
Brian Ferrario, VP of Marketing, Drawbridge, explains:

“The relationship between brands and their customers is increasingly digital – over 70% of consumers say they often or always research products before going to the store. Even for offline, in-store CPG purchases, product research, purchase decisions, loyalty, and evangelism are increasingly happening online and across multiple devices. Brands need to be considering unique targeting capabilities across devices, as well as detailed attribution methods. This is a purpose-built solution to fill shopping carts in the real world for brands that sell products in a box, jar, can, bag, or bottle – and to measure digital’s impact.”

The Drawbridge Cross-Device CPG Playbook includes information on granular audience targeting such as customisable audiences and purchase-based segments. It also features sections on proprietary technology to extend first or third-party audiences across devices as well as location targeting resources for maximised engagement. High-impact creative units that are aligned with relevant content such as recipe blogs and apps are also part of the Playbook.
It further includes information on custom-built creative assets to create awareness of calls-to-action and high frequency bursts that allow marketers to grow their exposure against target audiences and generate good brand recall.
In addition, it features cross-device storytelling to reach mobile shoppers, amplify messages on tablets and engage shoppers at point-of-sale. Demographics and consumer insight information is also included.