Featured How Staff Augmentation Takes Software Outsourcing To The Next Level The demand for skilled software development teams continues to increase and mobile app development is the major driver for this trend. The necessity to hire short or long-term dedicated developer teams results in an ever increasing staffing need for... Featured Pros and Cons of Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps Because of the established iOS plus Android mobile OS duopoly, any app development project may imply development of either native or hybrid app. Both approaches have their own pros and cons. In this white paper hedgehog lab team evaluates the... Featured Mobile Retail Strategy Whitepaper Mobile has become a key part of IT strategy for the retail industry. Hedgehog lab has prepared this whitepaper on how to be successful in retail using mobile platforms. This covers the following areas: How to integrate new technologies A... 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Featured How wearable technologies changing the world: A hedgehog lab report Wearables have a great potential to change multiple industries and their impact will be much greater of today’s novelty and “cool factor” that make them appeal to the general public. In this research hedgehog lab team covers the top... Featured Snapchat Hacks to Drive Super Low CPIs Fanbytes has created an e-book just for you on how you can succeed on snapchat and reach a millennial audience. Now this is a serious offer… Learn how a company drove CPIs from $4 to $0.50 using snapchat influencers… Find out how... Guide to On-Demand App Development On-demand apps are on a roll these days. If you are one of those wanting to get your on-demand business leveraged through app development, here’s all you should refer to and follow. The Best Mobile App Development Practices Do you need a mobile app? Here’s a complete guide for you to know about all practices and approaches that are capable to build a great mobile app. App Store Optimization Factors TheTool has published the ASO Factors & Trends for 2018: Expert Survey, that determines the main factors influencing App Store Optimization (ASO) and the trends for this year. The TheTool has carried out an expert survey identifying the main... 24 Conferences for Mobile Marketers in 2018 Conferences offer a great opportunity to meet industry masterminds and get inspired. The thing is, not all are suitable for marketers, some solely focus on development or deal-making. Therefore, with the help of the community, I’ve compiled a list... An Incomplete Guide to Combating Mobile Ad Fraud There are several factors that slow down mobile advertising industry growth and fraud is one of the them. According to the research conducted by Association of National Advertisers, in 2016 fake traffic and bot-generated clicks cost the industry a... Designing Mobile UX User Experience plays a critical role in the adoption of any mobile app. Simple and intuitive interfaces go a long way in making new apps a hit with early adopters, leading to high ratings and increased traction. The issue... Healthcare Cloud App Development To harness the power of Cloud for driving innovation in healthcare, it is truly vital to seamlessly integrate new HealthTech innovations with legacy systems. This guide by Zymr, Inc. provides a closer look at the modern cloud stack –... Mobile App Development Best Practices Amongst more than 3 million mobile apps, iOS and Android combined, there are many great apps that make a difference in peoples life daily. But there are also many apps that are poorly developed, people download them rarely, and essentially... How Mobile Helps Insurance Companies Stay Relevant in The Driverless Cars Era In this ebook Y Media Labs team draws a parallel between car insurance business and mobile apps & devices and how these two will be intertwined in the very near feature. The major points made in this ebook are:... Creating a File Sharing App For a Leading Fortune 500 Company This ebook talks about the challenge Y Media Labs faced to create a mobile app for easy, robust and secure file sharing for EMC company employees. With this app, people in the company were supposed to be able to... User Experience Design Guide This guide makes a strong point for how an effective User Experience Design results in high quality user experiences (CX), which are crucial to mobile app adoption, mobile app monetization and market success. It explores: key challenges in UX/UI development lean and agile... Mobile Technology Trends to Watch In 2017 The infographic Mobile Technology Trends for 2017 is a great checklist that shows what small businesses can get from using a mobile app. It also tells you what some of the current trends in apps are, and the importance... Hybrid vs Native Mobile Apps Customer experience for mobile is more important to your business than you might think. Choosing between developing a hybrid or a native mobile app is the core decision for any app developer to being able to deliver the best... App Statistics Report In this special three-part report we take a look at the facts and figures to ascertain how much revenue has been generated by the app economy in the past five years and, also, the forecast for the next two... Mobile App Development for Business Mobile application is a crucial point in the business development path. Nevertheless, it takes too long for some to realize it. This infographic outlines key beneficial points any company should take advantage of: Time spent on apps by the... Uber for X: On-demand Services in 2016 Uber launched in 2009, and since has raised nearly $9 billion in funding. After 5 short years in business, the company had already grown six times its original size and penetrated international markets. It also introduced a new kind... Retail in a Post-PC world: A hedgehog lab report This white paper offers an in-depth review of the retail sector, looking at changing trends and strategies retail brands can adopt to survive and thrive amidst growing competition. The white paper covers the following: Changing trends in the retail... Designing an Apple TV experience for a challenger bank This document aims to look into the exciting and fast paced fintech market. With billions of pounds being pumped into this sector over the last couple of years all over the world, it really is one of the most... Pokémon Go Statistics Report This special report looks at the multiple facets of the Pokémon GO to date, examining the facts and figures behind the popular app. Uber Statistics Report Not everyone is happy about Uber's rise to dominance. How did it become so successful and controversial? Download our special two-part report on the facts and figures to see what makes Uber tick.