Dog Simulator App Fetches $14 eCPMs using LeadBolt

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Posted: February 18, 2015

Leadbolt’s full-screen interstitial ads made $14 eCPMs and created a new revenue stream for the company Mobile Apps Ltd., the creator of the free Android casual game, ‘Dog Simulator’.
Warren Miller, Director of Mobile Apps Ltd said:

“Leadbolt enabled us to monetize our app in a non-intrusive fashion, allowing us to expand our game with new features and content without having to rely solely on In-App Purchases. The Interstitial Ad Format is very easy to implement in the Unity game engine and the eCPMs blow us away. We would highly recommend having a look at the Leadbolt platform.”

Leadbolt’s Objective
Mobile Apps Ltd. sought additional ways to generate revenue from their free Dog Simulator game, beyond offering in-app purchase opportunities to players.
Leadbolt’s Solution
Mobile Apps Ltd. integrated Leadbolt’s full-screen Interstitials, which were placed at non-intrusive moments within the game, allowing players to continue engaging with the game uninterrupted.
The Highlights
Leadbolt says that the highlights from the case study were industry leading $14 eCPMS, a new revenue stream for the app developer and a 0% app store fee at the end of it all.
For more on Leadbolt, head over to their website here.