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Posted: January 25, 2018

If you weren’t aware of it already, Wewe Media has openly released the Featured Offers. Just so you know, our featured offers have been carefully selected and tested rigorously. Our best publishers are confident about these offers, knowing from their own experience how well they convert.
We are happy to announce this release, as previously we kept it privately and shared it with our own publishers only. We’ve been seeing an overwhelmingly positive response for these offers.

What should you expect from the featured offers

Every week we will be featuring 3 – 5 offers on Monday and Thursday. Users will be able to check it out on the Featured Offers page.

Why the featured offers are important

We’ve established a specific criteria to select offers and we do conduct a rigorous testing to make sure each offers meets it, before releasing it to the users. We are making sure that all offers that we feature will be beneficial for our publishers.

The selective criteria

  • The offers will be discussed by Wewe Media Team and selected to be candidates.
  • Our media buying team will be testing all of the pre-selected offers and only top 10 offers are selected.
  • We let our Best Publishers test out these offers and the final Top 3 offers are selected when they are very satisfied with the results.

These featured offers encourage our publishers and you to run the most premium offers that are available on Wewe Media Network.
Navigate to our Featured Offers page to find all the best offers. Don’t forget to bookmark!
>>> Wewe Media Featured Offers Page