Developing A CEO Mobile App: What Should Not Fall Off The Radar

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Posted: March 29, 2016


About the author

Andrei Khomushka

Head of Android Development Department at ScienceSoftAndrei has over 10 years of experience in programming and designing mobile and web-based solutions. His track record as a project manager includes mobile development for Viber, a VoIP app with 600 mln users worldwide, and Bellator, America’s leading Mixed Martial Arts organization, as well as delivering of the award-winning banking solution for a European bank.


Normally you’d think that it’s only your largest and most dynamical departments that need an enterprise mobile application. That’s why enterprise sales apps are so common today. But what if instead of ‘the needs of the many’ it’s ‘the many important needs’ that you should meet?

After all, a field sales force isn’t the only part of the company that is constantly on the go. So is a company’s CEO, whose main objective is to move the business forward while staying in charge of the most important current events. Although a CEO may appear an extremely narrow audience to develop an enterprise app for, with the responsibilities that encompass the entire business, they are as entitled to have a mobile app tailored to their multiple needs as field sales managers are.

Once you decide on launching a development project to equip your CEO with a personalized app, you will need a guide to come up with the right requirements. Here, ScienceSoft offers 4 essential points to consider.

The essential points for a CEO mobile app


Developing an app for one particular person has its advantages: you can ask your CEO directly about the kind of company information they want to see in their app. But even if you don’t have the opportunity to talk it over, here is the list of features that you will most likely need to get implemented:

  • Key performance indicators

The app must be able to keep CEOs up to date with the major financial, customer, process, and human resources metrics.  You can make a bigger stress on specific data categories and have them reported in more details, if necessary. Selected KPIs will be always easily accessible, automatically updated and displayed in neat graphics and diagrams.

  • Key projects

Some projects play a bigger role for the company than the others. ‘Key’ projects are often either external, involving influential customers, or internal, connected with the company’s transition to a new strategy or technology. In both cases, a CEO will definitely be interested in getting frequent updates on the project flow. Of course, this won’t substitute meetings and detailed reports but help the CEO stay alerted even when away on business trips.

  • Key clients

Keeping an eye on the company’s major clients can rule out missed valuable opportunities and aid the CEO to always be on the same page with the customers that drive their business. With the latest data on key clients, the CEO can track status changes of existing projects, check out important meeting reports, promptly learn about their employees’ failures and successes and either take immediate actions to fix the situation or just enjoy the feeling of pride and content.

Select information

Even with a narrow selection of features, the app can be still easily overloaded with functions and information. A CEO app should deliver a brief insight into the most vital updates, especially the ones that can affect the bottom line. And to fit into this description, you will need to come up with smart mechanisms of data selection.

If you already have a scale for customer importance incorporated into your CRM system, your vendor will be able to use it while developing the CEO app logics. As a result, the application will automatically display communication with A-class customers and threads marked with an exclamation point.  If you don’t have such a system, you can bring in either a similar scale or a tagging system, so that only the most important information will be considered relevant.

Alternatively, data preview can become the CEO’s personal assistant’s responsibility. Involving human element in this type of work is quite risky, but in some cases it can positively influence preselection. The way human brain logics works is much more complex than that of any application and can facilitate decision making.

Data selection structure


Although you might think that developing a backend just for one app with its single user is a waste, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a server for any enterprise application in general. Especially for a multifunctional and data rich CEO app.

Since all the key data for the above mentioned features is drawn from such business solutions as CRM, ERP, Project Management and BI systems, there should be a way for an application to seamlessly access them, otherwise it just won’t function. The built-in integration code would overload it and cause lags, but with a backend you will easily get a smooth integration providing quick and stable access.

Using a server coupled with either of the options that we’ve discussed in the 2nd section is a much more effective – and, in some cases, the only feasible – solution. If you build  your selection logics into the app’s code, it will not just burden the application but also deprive you of the opportunity to use your practical selection mechanisms for other purposes (for instance in a web version of the app that a CEO may ask for after they get used to the mobile version). The assistant responsible for the app’s information preview will also need to access the company’s major data, and only a server will be able to offer it.

Moreover, if you’re developing a CEO app now, then you may welcome a mobile app for other C-level executives. A mobile server would let you easily integrate multiple apps and have them interconnected.

CEO mobile app architecture


Being one of the sore points of enterprise application development, the choice of a mobile platform is dead easy in case of a CEO app. To have excellent performance and convenient UI, it makes perfect sense to go for native development. Just make sure your CEO is their current platform devotee and won’t bring an iPhone the very day you deliver an Android app.


Upon narrowing down the future app’s functionality, choosing the data selection mechanism, deciding on its architecture and platform, you are free to look for a suitable vendor. To make sure that ScienceSoft, too, is a competent mobile application developer, feel free to contact us. We will gladly give you more information about our previous enterprise app development projects, provide free consulting and offer proof-of-concept.