DBaaS provider MongoHQ rebrands to ‘Compose,’ now offering Elasticsearch search tool


Database-as-a-service provider MongoHQ has rebranded and changed its name to ‘Compose,’ in order to kickstart its next phase of providing multiple database technologies beyond MongoDB.

Compose will continue to offer MongoDB as a deployment platform, along with its tools to manage data and performance, but wants move into other technologies in order to satisfy a wider range of clients. The company is now offering the open source ‘Elasticsearch’ to developers, a hosted and fully-managed search engine, supporting strings, numbers, dates, geographic points and custom types.

Compose CEO Kurt Mackey said:


We’ve spent the last 5 years helping customers solve complex data problems, and it’s become increasingly common for applications to need multiple database technologies to get the most out of what they “know” (data). We want to make it easy for developers to run these technologies. While we have had this vision for a long time, changing our name is the first big step to embrace this world.

Compose has seen a fair bit of success catering to app developers who need someone to take care of their database management, while also counting major brands such as Target and eBay as clients. However, the company did get into a spot of bother last year when it suffered a security breach related to the attack on Buffer.

Compose says it will branch into supporting databases other than MongoDB but has not laid out a timeframe to do so. You can find out more over on the Compose website.