David Martinez, CEO and Co-Founder at Billy Mobile, Talks Mobile Advertising

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Partner Post - Billy Mobile The Leading Affiliate Platform

Posted: January 11, 2017

David Martinez is the CEO and Co-Founder of Billy Mobile, a 100% mobile performance-based affiliate platform headquartered in Barcelona that provides advertisers with high quality customers and helps publishers monetize their assets through proprietary technology.
David has been linked to the digital world from an early age. One thing clearly stands out in his resume: a flair for internet business. At the age when most people are still looking for a job after earning a degree, David, along with his current partners, Jordi Tamargo, Vicenç Marti and Jordi Cid, leads a company that closed 2015, its first year of operations as an Ad Network, with a gross turnover of more than 15 million euros in managed advertising; operating in 56 countries, Billy Mobile has a team of more than 70 people. In 2016, Billy opened a new office in Mexico and for 2017 it plans to continue its international expansion with an eye towards Asia. David, tell us more about it….

How was Billy Mobile conceived?
In summary, we started as publishers then became advertisers and finally we launched our Ad Network. And now some details about our journey…
Jordi Tamargo and I moved to San Francisco at the end of 2013 and from there we were managing a range of websites when we realized that the most profitable ads to monetize our content were mobile subscriptions products.
So, we decided to develop our own products and, six months later, we went back to Spain with an up and running and profitable business model but with neither any structure nor name.
That’s when we launched Billy Mobile together with two of our friends, Vicenç Martí, our President and Jordi Cid, our CFO & COO.
By the end of 2014, we were receiving a lot of traffic which didn’t match our products’ targeting. So, we naturally switched our business from Advertiser to Ad network to monetize this traffic.
Two years later, our Ad network evolved until converting itself into our current affiliate platform for media buyers, affiliates and direct publishers who want to monetize their traffic
What is Billy Mobile’s secret sauce?
Undoubtedly, I would say our know-how and our technology.
We’ve been both an advertiser and a publisher and we know the issues that both can face and the corresponding solutions.
Regarding our technology, it is very competitive on its own since our algorithm Active Bx is able to display the right product to the right user at the right moment.
What do you consider to be Billy’s best achievement?
Our best achievement is to have a tremendously motivated and united team in such a short period of time, keeping a culture and a philosophy that go beyond the corporate values that we share everyday.
Thanks to this, in just two years, Billy has a team of 70 people, two offices and a leading product in a very competitive market.
What skills will make a candidate a good fit for joining your team?
Our market is quite new and is continuously changing and evolving.
People at Billy have to be capable of adapting swiftly and know how to react quickly when facing issues. But most of all, they have to be curious and willing to learn a lot!
And, last but not least, they’re all interested in metrics, have an analytical mindset and a hands-on attitude.
These skills and mindsets are a must to make a candidate a good fit for joining our team.
What challenges do you find in your day to day?
As a CEO, I need to guarantee that we’re always taking a step in the right direction and that we are consistent with the company’s vision.
This requires us to properly adapt our organization to our challenges and goals and do all that is possible to make the team happy with their results.
Imagine you are a new affiliate entering the industry today. Which vertical would you choose?
From my point of view, Mobile Subscriptions. Mobile Subscriptions have been in use for a long time but some markets such as Africa, Middle East and South Asia are currently emerging. These markets are very attractive since it is not necessary to invest a lot to start getting results.
Do you have a market or a product/service focused strategy?
Our strategy for the next years will be focused on self-service, anti-fraud tools, new verticals and geographical expansion with a single clear goal:
Provide advertisers with high quality customers and help publishers monetize their assets through proprietary technology.
In 2017, we’ll keep investing in security by developing powerful tools to detect and avoid fraud to help both advertisers and carriers to keep their campaigns safe and allow them to focus on what really matters.
Thanks to the success of our self-service for publishers which is already welcoming more than 200 new publishers every week;self-service for advertisers will arrive in 2017.
And finally, we currently have an office in Mexico, a dedicated team in India and we’re planning to open a new office in Asia on the first quarter of 2017 in order to improve our service by giving support to all our customers independently of their timezone.
Key performance affiliate marketing related predictions for 2017
More than predictions, let’s talk about facts and trends.
First fact: there are several key markets such as South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latam for which the flagship product is the Pin Submit and it will go on during the next year.
Second fact: The Lead Generation products in particular, Diet, Solar, Sweepstakes that already have been relevant in 2016 will be strengthened in 2017.
Third fact: The Advertisers of Mobile subscriptions will become more demanding as happened with App Promotion. They won’t look only for volumes but for quality.