Daniel Kahtan, AppsFlyer on App Advertising Analytics [VIDEO]

James Cooper

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January 26, 2015

Daniel Kahtan, Director of Sales and Business Development, AppsFlyer was interviewed at the App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014 by Peggy Anne Salz of MobileGroove. Their discussion covered a range of topics relating to Appsflyer and the app advertising and analytics space. We are now able to share video and audio recordings as well as a transcript – thanks to Daniel and Peggy for the interesting insights.

Daniel Kahtan, AppsFlyer on App Advertising Analytics Video

Daniel Kahtan, AppsFlyer on App Advertising Analytics Audio

Daniel Kahtan, AppsFlyer on App Advertising Analytics Transcript

Daniel Kahtan, Director of Sales and Business Development, AppsFlyer interviewed by Peggy at App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014.
Hello, I’m Peggy Anne Salz at App Promotion Summit in Berlin, speaking with Daniel Kahtan from AppsFlyer. Welcome, Daniel.
Thank you.
Great to have you here. Let’s start off with the high level view. Tell me about AppsFlyer.
AppsFlyer is a mobile measurement and attribution company working with advertisers who are spending money on ad campaigns for their mobile apps, wanting to track all the downloads, see where they’re coming from. Really giving them the power of the information and the data to then optimize the campaigns that they’re running whether it’s in-house, with agencies, or through ad networks. That’s really the top-down view of what we do.
What is special about AppsFlyer? Tell me about what you’re doing that is differentiating you from the others, or maybe going a little bit deeper in the data than the others.
Daniel: It’s a very good question. There are few companies in the space. Each one has its own niche. AppsFlyer, specifically, is integrated with over 700 ad networks around the world, truly global reach. We’re a Facebook mobile measurement partner, Twitter mobile measurement partner, working very closely with Google and many ad networks, like I said. Everything that we’re providing as a service is in real time. So really providing that data down to the second, enabling those advertisers to really keep track of everything that’s going on without any delay. It’s a very robust service. There are always other facets of software as a service that come into play. Great support team always on hand. Like I mentioned, global. We have offices in San Francisco and in Beijing, headquartered in Israel and providing that local support for all our clients no matter where they are.
What are you finding that the advertisers want in the way of data? Is it for re-targeting and re-engagement, or is it to understand the audience, be more granular? What is it exactly they’re looking for?
Daniel: I think everything comes together and there’s no just one thing that an advertiser is focused on. Obviously, it starts with the initial install and driving those users to their apps, really understanding which of their paid campaigns are working well for them and which ones are working less.
But then there’s also the direction of re-targeting and re-engagement, where more and more advertisers are not just wanting to drive new downloads, but also wanting to re-engage with lapsed users, users who have not accessed the app in a while. We of course facilitate that, not just in working together with the advertiser, but also in working with those networks that specialize in re-targeting and enabling them to really optimize the campaigns that they’re running based on the data that we’re capturing.
So what do you see as the trend? Is it going to be more about re-targeting and re-engagement? Is that where you see your business going?
I think generally our business is really there to serve the advertiser, whatever they’re trying to achieve in that space. Naturally, I think the space is evolving more into that re-targeting realm, and we’ll of course be there to support the advertisers in that challenge and in the direction that they take there. But that won’t detract from the basic service of tracking those campaigns, getting them up and running, and not just the re-targeting and re-engagement, but of course the regular install campaigns.
So where are you seeing the emphasis as we go into 2015? What are you seeing as a trend or maybe an objective of these campaigns more and more? Is it about user acquisition? Is it about retention more? Can you give me an idea of where you see the app developers and the publishers, what their focus is, and what you’re also then supporting as well?
First and foremost it depends on where and which point the advertiser is at. If they’re a new player on the space, then they’re going to want to get exposure in driving a new install. If they’re a more established brand, with an app that’s been around for a while, then they’re probably going to want to focus more on the re-targeting and re-engagement side. I think generally and not just with regards to AppsFlyer and the service we provide, but the whole ecosystem, advertisers are going to be looking to get the quality users at the lowest possible price. Prices are now increasing continuously because of competition and when advertisers are wanting to drive high volumes and just naturally the price is going to increase. But still the challenge for the advertiser will be getting the best quality user at the lowest possible price, which is obviously going to increase their return on investment. And of course not just from a retention perspective but a continual engagement perspective, where they’re able with those re-targeting campaigns to really communicate and reach the user on a specific aspect of their app offering which is going to make the user want to come back and engage and carry out a purchase, whichever it is.
I mean you talk about support. Are you also finding that you’re morphing a little bit into a consulting company? Because I know a lot of companies want to get their head more around the data, don’t want to get drowned and overwhelmed by it, so there’s a certain choice around what you need to be looking at in terms of what you want to achieve. Are you offering that?
mean I don’t think we’re morphing in that direction, but it’s definitely something that we offer in terms of the clients that do have questions. They’re getting to know the space. They want to learn more about what they can do and what the capabilities are, how everything works. So naturally, we’re there and providing that guiding hand to make sure that they’re as successful as they can be. Our philosophy and general approach is if we can help our customers be successful then we’ll together be successful. It goes without saying in a sense, but it is one of our core approaches. So any information that we can provide to them to help them get the job done is, in the end, going to be beneficial to us.
So as a last question, can you share a little bit of the trends and the data that you’re seeing? We heard for example, some different dynamics in the market demand. Not slowing, but certainly not growing. More static for apps. So we have some trends already, what could you share based on your data? Could you give us some high level trends?
I’m surprised actually by the continual push of gaming companies. So many games that are out there, but, yeah. So many successful games. The volume of installs that the gaming companies are able to drive amazes me. But they’re of course not the only vertical that is spending money. I think that we’re going to see a very high growth in the e-commerce direction. I think there are some major brands out there that are now starting to get ready to launch those campaigns, invest significantly in engaging with users that have typically been engaged with online or even offline.
So a lot of branded apps or brands getting into app space is what you see ahead in 2015?
I believe so.
This will be a good year for you then, Daniel.
Hopefully so.
Well, thank you, Daniel. For the App Promotion Summit, I’m Peggy Ann Salz.
Thanks again to Daniel and Peggy for a really interesting discussion and analysis of some of the trends in mobile advertising and analytics right now and you can find out more about Appsflyer here.