Consumers may not be getting the memorable mobile brand experiences they desire

Connecting with consumers to create memorable experiences is an important part of the mobile and digital marketing experience.
Yet, almost one third of consumers (32%) did not have a positive memorable experience with a brand in 2017, according to new research by InMoment, the customer experience intelligence company.
Memorable experiences are emotional ones that are based on strong behaviours.
Based on the answers from 1,000 brands and 2,000 consumers in the US, the report also found that just 16% of brands thought they underdelivered.
A majority of consumers (75%) find most types of personalization creepy. However, 40% of brands admitted to being creepy.
Although the majority of consumers are happy to continue shopping with a creepy brand, 22% would swap to another one. Perhaps the most important part is that one in five consumers will share their experience of a brand on social media and with friends.

The report also highlights that millennials found online-exclusive companies to be biggest offenders when it comes to creepiness (27%), followed by apps (23%) and retailers (19%).
Additionally, millennials care about whom they share their data with and they make their choices based on a variety of factors.
InMoment also emphasized the importance for brands to prioritize technology which can lead to long-term and positive memorable experiences.
Among the issues that can lead to a lackluster brand experience for consumers are staff interactions (74%), a lack of understanding a consumer’s needs (46%) as well as staff availability (41%).

Brennan Wilkie, SVP of CX strategy at InMoment, explained:

“Whether it’s how brands are using personal information or the impact of missed expectations, companies continue to underestimate their customers. Today’s consumers are savvy, they want to be included in decisions, they want transparency, and they want real value in exchange for sharing personal information or spending their money. The brands that see the new landscape as an opportunity instead of a burden and focus their efforts on building authentic relationships with customers are seeing massive benefits.”