Consumers in India spend more time using their smartphones than watching TV

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

February 27, 2018

Indian consumers are now spending 37% more time using their Internet on their smartphones than watching TV, according to new research from Singapore-based mobile advertising company InMobi.
The report found that Indians spent an average 4.5 hours a day accessing the Internet from their mobile devices. Meanwhile, TV time was 3.50 hours a day.

The majority (95%) of users also open chat apps multiple times a day with women overall more engaged than men.
The report also noted that the country was the sixth largest in terms of mobile video advertising driven by lower cost smartphones and improved connectivity. Video ad consumption jumped 124% in India where users will often start their days viewing videos on mobile devices.
At the same time, nine out of 10 consumers use smartphones to research products with 94% of Indians preferring apps over websites for shopping.
The preference may be largely due to apps offering a time-saving option over websites. In addition, brands and retailers are often offering deals on apps.
Meanwhile, mobile traffic is likely to continue to grow in the country.