Congratulations, mobile app developer is considered the best job in the U.S.

Andy Boxall

In App Development

January 11, 2017

app developers

Mobile app developer is the number one best job in the U.S., according to CNN Money’s newly published list of the top 100 careers. It beat risk management director, product analyst, QA coordinator, hospital administrator, and several others populating the top 10.

“Mobile app developers get to create something that can reach millions of people on a daily basis,” says the report, adding that this fact means there is, “growing demand for developers who build and update apps so they’re secure, user-friendly, and sought after.”

According to its research, the current median pay for a mobile app developer in the U.S. is $97,100 per year, with top earners taking home $133,000. In the quality of life ratings, personal satisfaction, low stress, and telecommuting all receive the highest marks. Only under the benefit to society category does it fall short.

A developer working for IBM says one of the reasons he likes the job is early access to the latest gadgets. “If you like playing around with technology and exploring all the possibilities it offers, this can be a really fun job,” he says.

It’s not the only tech and development position on CNN’s list. User experience designer is 99th, the more generic software developer is 80th, a user interface designer is 57th, front end developer is 47th, social media manager is 42nd, and video game designer is 33rd.