Confirmit launches new app to conduct online and offline brand and marketing mobile surveys

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 12, 2017

confirmit askme

Source Confirmit

Confirmit, the software provider for market research tools, has just rolled out Confirmit AskMe, a mobile survey app that lets participants respond to Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee and Market Research surveys on the go or whenever it suits them. Interestingly, the feature also works without an Internet connection.
AskMe was built to allow anytime survey participation. It provides a high degree of flexibility for businesses to capture multimedia and text-based feedback. If a user is busy at the time of receiving the survey request, s/he can answer it later.
Survey respondents can either reply online or download the app. Indeed, feedback can be stored offline and synchronized when connectivity is improved.
For Martin Fearnley, Information Innovation Manager at NHBC, it’s clear that the feature adds some significant advantages to its staff and helps record data in a more timely fashion.
martin fearnley

“Confirmit AskMe is the ideal tool for this as not only can our people complete reports regardless of internet connectivity, but they’re able to submit photos to back up their comments, and the app automatically captures geolocation data so we know that the data provided reflects the correct site. This all then comes together to provide benchmark KPIs for the industry.”

In addition, the AskMe app can be branded to suit the look and feel of a certain brand and increase engagement and awareness. No additional design or integration work is necessary for AskMe to work smoothly.
Terry Lawlor, EVP Product Management at Confirmit explains:
terry lawlor

“Confirmit AskMe adds yet another layer of flexibility to the Confirmit suite of solutions. It delivers even greater opportunities for insight, whether you are running a VoC programme that requires in-store offline surveys, a VoE survey that employees can complete in any location, perhaps during breaks or on their journey to work, or a Market Research study requiring respondents to access surveys multiple times, on the move, or from remote locations.”

Because mobile has expanded rapidly over the last few years, users are growing ever more aware of their correspondence and engagement with brands. For companies which are already integrating VoC, VoE or MR programmes, mobile adds another and more flexible level to capture insight.
The Confirmit AskMe app is now available for Android and iOS.