Compliance – Welcome to a Network That Doesn’t Turn a Blind Eye

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Partner Post - Kimia Mobile Performance Marketing

Posted: September 19, 2016

“Compliance” is a concept that no one can, or should, avoid – and everyone battles for control.

Kimia decided to confront this issue head on by partnering with GeoEdge, the leading ad security and verification company, to control any and all compliance issues.  

GeoEdge continuously scans thousands of offers and products that Kimia uploads to our market. They protect us from an ample range of compliance issues, from auto-download to JS alert/confirmation box on enter and other types of malicious or intrusive activity, to the everyday pop (up/under) on landing and mobile vibrating etc., just to mention a few.

An agile and innovative company, GeoEdge provides new compliance alerts to handle emerging threats. In this aspect, we work hand-in-hand. When we, as a network, detect new user compliance issues, we inform GeoEdge, and they set up an alert for us to further control our inventory and protect our partners.  

Kimia is notified immediately if there is a breach in any of the compliance rules, and we then proceed with an internal investigation. Utilizing GeoEdge’s ad quality monitoring and management tool to the fullest, we have an internal team to process and manage any compliance violations. 

As an added precaution, from day one, we have put in place sanctions, at various levels, for partners that do not respect our compliance norms. We do so to avoid any infractions regarding compliance and, above all, to avoid any recurrences.

Kimia works with top performing products to generate the most revenue for our affiliates, however, we will not overlook the quality of our products and the security of our partners’ traffic to achieve this.