ClicksMob opens new headquarters in San Francisco’s Embarcadero to grow its mobile advertising business

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ClicksMob, the mobile affiliate marketing service, announced the opening of its global headquarters at San Francisco’s Embarcadero this week. With plans to expand globally, the move underlines ClicksMob’s enormous growth over the past two years.
ClicksMob’s service allows advertisers to acquire users based on success
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Founded in 2013, by Chen Levanon, ClicksMob is entirely self-funded with offices in New York and Tel Aviv. Its marketplace lets publishers and advertisers buy and promote their campaigns for a better return on investment and optimised user acquisition. Forbes named it one of America’s most promising companies for 2015, having jumped from $1m to $10m in revenues between two years. During 2014 alone its revenue grew by 900% and the company expanded its number of staff to 30.
Chen Levanon, Founder and CEO, ClicksMob, says: 

“With ClicksMob’s rapid growth over the last 18 months, we realized the need to be on the West Coast to have closer proximity and access to the large companies that use our services here. We are excited about the new opportunities open to the company in San Francisco and look forward to utilizing the exceptional talent here to build a dedicated team committed to our clients’ mobile performance marketing.”

ClicksMob says that the company generates millions of clicks daily, displaying an app’s ad across its network of 4,000 mobile traffic sources. Only if someone downloads the app, the company gets paid, operating a Cost per Install (CPI) policy. Levanon explains:

“Sometimes the conversion rate is 5% and sometimes it’s 1%. It depends on where the traffic source places the banner and it also depends on the attractiveness of your product. If you promote (a game like) Candy Crush and everyone wants to play it, the conversion rate will be high.”

However, the company does not operate free from competition. Both Appia and AppLift offer a similar service, but what makes ClicksMob stand out is its payment structure and self-built technology that renders it more cost-effective. She adds:

“We developed our technology from scratch. There are a lot of companies that are similar to us but they actually take white label technology that looks the same and can be very flexible and they pay per click. I don’t pay for my technology. So I don’t mind delivering as many clicks as I can, because I care about the downloads and I want them to be super high-quality for the advertisers.”

Mobile affiliate marketing is growing sector as smartphone adoption skyrockets. According to eMarketer, the number of smartphone users worldwide is to surpass two billion in 2016, a jump of over 12% from 2015. In addition, 93% of US smartphone users and 90% of tablet users will download and install at least one app in 2015, finds eMarketer. However, as new opportunities for mobile marketers arise, there will also be more competition. Levanon isn’t worried. She adds that customer service still is one of the key factors when deciding on an affiliate partner and one ClicksMob prides itself on.