Clickky expands user acquisition to Japan and Asia

Mobile app marketing platform Clickky has announced a new partnership with Ad Japon, expanding its user acquisition services into Japan, China and other Asian markets.
Ad Japon claims to be the largest player in the Japanese app marketing space and Clickky says its new partnership will be beneficial for both companies, helping Ad Japon get access to Clickky’s channels in Europe, North America and Russia.
Clickky CEO Vadim Rogovskiy said:

“It’s another significant hallmark for our company. We plan to hire a strong professional team and just appointed the new business development director in Asia, and we’ll continue to engage even more people in this key region. We are looking forward to making the Asian market one of the strongest ones in our portfolio and we think that our alliance with Ad Japon will assist us in achieving those goals”.

The London/Ukraine-based Clickky says it’s planning to open a new office in Asia and is focusing on the region due to its strong growth potential. The company is also now advertising a complete localisation  service for app marketing campaigns in the region.
China and Japan are very complicated markets when it comes to promoting apps. Localisation is extremely important for developers, and – in the case of China -there’s a very different app store landscape in place. But China is also a huge area of growth when it comes to smartphone adoption and app usage, while countries such as Japan and South Korea are home to very valuable users.
To get anywhere in these regions you really need to team-up with local partners. Companies such as the Beijing-based Appflood know Asia very well and we’re sure Clickky/Ad Japon will be another valuable avenue for app marketers looking eastwards. For more info check out our in-depth investigation into the Chinese app promotion space.