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Partner Post - ClickDealer

Posted: July 7, 2014


An Introduction to ClickDealer

ClickDealer is an affiliate network and a marketing agency that provides quality services to both Advertisers and Publishers/Affiliates. Since inception in 2012, it has enjoyed the fame of a fast-growing company and is now ranked among the top CPA networks throughout the world. Nowadays ClickDealer supplies its partners with CPL, CPI, CPA, CPS and pay-per-call offers. It is globally recognized for the biggest variety of  dating and mobile offers as well as intelligent advertising techniques. The agency’s performance be-all and end-all strategy is built on professionalism and innovation.
ClickDealer has established contacts with outstanding advertisers and internet marketers worldwide. Unlike many other networks it has always put emphasis on the partners’ profitability rather than its own revenue. Having established offices around the world, the company easily identifies new market opportunities and acquires the new trends first.
In this review we’re going to provide a detailed breakdown of the network performing the survey of its key features and presenting what it has to offer for mobile developers, advertisers and internet marketers.
Our review of ClickDealer is divided into the following sections:

ClickDealer Overview

ClickDealer has rapidly grown into an outstanding network offering high-quality services that benefit both advertisers and publishers. Sustainable growth of marketing campaigns has been achieved due to the creation of a think tank, bringing innovations, creative input and business solutions on top of network’s agenda.

ClickDealer Features

Below are some of the key features of ClickDealer network.

  • 1,5K+ mobile offers directly from advertisers
  • Global reach and multi-platform coverage
  • Laser-targeted traffic throughout any media channel, within any GEO and any niche
  • 24/7/365 experienced support
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Multiple payment solutions (wire/PayPal/Pioneer)
  • Meetups, contests, workshops, parties, loyalty program

What does ClickDealer offer Publishers?

ClickDealer pays particular attention to creating favorable environment for its affiliates hiring only professional staff to solve any problem their partners may face. The network constantly improves and tailors problem solving capabilities, and adapts its platform and services to affiliates’ needs. It puts efforts to stay ahead of others in mobile vertical fighting for exclusives and highest payouts.
ClickDealer tends to engage and inspire its affiliates by holding meetups, organising contests and rewarding them with a Loyalty Program.
For mobile publishers and affiliates specifically, they offer the following:

  • Any type of mobile business model (CPI, CPL or CPA)
  • Accurate payments on flexible terms (weekly Net2, bi-weeklies or monthlies)
  • Multiple payment solutions (wire/PayPal/Pioneer)
  • High-converting scalable mobile offers with highest payouts in the industry
  • A wide selection of exclusive offers from top advertisers worldwide
  • Affiliate managers who will guide you
  • Detailed reporting and real-time statistics
  • Exceptional rewards, contests and meetups.

Publishers/affiliates can apply to ClickDealer Affiliate network by filling out the publisher application on the network website

What does ClickDealer offer Advertisers?

ClickDealer comprehensive services ensure advertiser’s revenue lift and growth in return on investment.  The network’s team of affiliates and media buyers will ensure sales growth using a wide range of powerful tools and intelligent advertising techniques.
Working with ClickDealer advertisers are given access to the following benefits:

  • Global solutions within cost per action marketing
  • Sustainable revenue lift and return on investment growth
  • Promotion of your product in any country
  • Traffic targeted according to GEO, OS, carrier and device
  • Profound analytics and real time statistics
  • Global reach and distribution across multiple media channels
  • Team of experienced account managers. Advanced support 24/7
  • Unique custom methods to get your offers to the top

ClickDealer guarantees knowledgeable, twenty-four-hour support and smart marketing solutions for every business. It provides advertisers with precise targeting to bring the most relevant mobile traffic, which ensures an increase in their profits.

ClickDealer Network Updates

These are some of the recent updates from Clickdealer:

ClickDealer Quest

At the beginning of the month ClickDealer announced their Quest for Gold Treasure contest which gives affiliates a chance to win up to $50,000 or golden prizes. Affiliates run traffic to the selected offers and generate revenue, which is converted into steps. The more steps you accumulate the closer you get to the treasure/prizes. At the end of contest, September 1st, 15 winners will be announced and rewarded with cash, actual gold coins or given a chance to redeem their points for various prizes. The points will be tallied according to the revenue generated on selected offers, 80% of which are mobile.

Loyalty Program

ClickDealer affiliates can sign up to the network’s loyalty program to win exclusive prizes. The program has been running for almost a year already and many network publishers are already enjoying their iPhones, MacBooks, Galaxy smartphones and other electronic devices and accessories. This summer the selection of items was enlarged and two new categories were established replying to the demands of network’s affiliates.
ClickDealer has a good tradition of holding meetups. You can take a glimpse of the long groovy weekend its affiliates enjoyed hanging out with their AMs at Barcelona, Spain. Follow the link to see the video –

Final Thoughts

ClickDealer offers publishers and advertisers a range of services to enhance their mobile monetization and distribution strategies. Hard work and smart strategies led the company to prosperity and garnered the reputation of a reliable partner within internet marketing. We hope this review has provided some useful information about the ClickDealer network and the services that it offers.
You can find out more info about ClickDealer over on their website, and on the ClickDealer profile in our directory.