Clémence ETIENNE, Head of Mobile, Adcash Talks Mobile Advertising

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Partner Post - Adcash Your Global Advertising Partner

Posted: March 16, 2016

Clemence ETIENNE is the Adcash Head of Mobile. She received her master’s degree in 2007 from INSEEC before eventually holding a position supervising the Adcash sales team. She held this position for 4 years, developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and building client relationships.
Before that, she was responsible for development of the trading desk at Adthink Media. She has been in the advertising business for over 8 years. In her free time, she enjoys wine tastings, skiing and is a dog owner.

What is Adcash and how are you positioned in the market?
Adcash is a global ad network, providing powerful, easy-to-use solutions for advertisers and publishers. Our goal is to help our clients achieve the success they strive for, through a combination of technological expertise and industry know-how.
In terms of our position, we offer something for everyone: from SME to Enterprise, on desktop and, of course, mobile. Mobile is an especially important area for us. It’s the new frontier in digital advertising and while we’ve been heavily involved in the mobile space for some time.
What types of clients do you work with?
We’ve always been strong in the gaming sector and we’re looking to build on that success and transfer it to mobile. E-commerce is also another area we’re performing well and are also forecasting strong growth, thanks to mobile.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
Traditionally, we’ve always had a strong focus on France, the US and Latin America.
We’re seeing a lot of growth in emerging markets, particularly south-east Asia. These regions can really help us drive things forward, as high speed, wireless connectivity becomes more widely available or more cost effective.
What are your main tips for successful mobile advertising? 
Experiment, optimize, learn. Everything in digital advertising, on mobile or desktop, is trackable and measurable, so make sure you’re tracking and measuring. If you’re always testing and learning, you can never fail!
If you’re a developer looking to succeed on mobile, you need to treat user experience as sacred, know and continue to learn about your market and make sure your app offers something new and exciting.
What do you think the big themes for mobile advertising are going to be in 2016?
Video is going to really drive spending on mobile, especially in-app, this year. As devices become more powerful and connections become faster and less expensive, this can be leveraged by advertisers to deliver immersive, engaging ads. Beyond that, the natural evolution of video could be VR, but the jury is still out there.
What do you think about ads blocking? Can you think of any solution for this issue?
It’s an interesting topic, for sure. Obviously users, have their reasons for blocking ads, many of them based on entirely legitimate concerns. I think the main thing we need to do right now is encourage open, reasoned debate on the topic and try to come up with a solution that benefits all parties. Right now we’re seeing that some ad-block providers are, essentially, holding many ad networks and publishers to ransom, asking to be paid in order to allow their ads to be whitelisted. This clearly isn’t the solution, so a discussion needs to be had.
What kind of people work with you in the team at Adcash?
The Adcash HQ is in Tallinn, Estonia, but I spend a lot of time in our other offices, mainly in Barcelona and Sofia. Many different nationalities make up the Adcash team, which is something that we’re immensely proud of. Everyone’s an expert in their chosen field: whether it’s digital advertising, mobile development or big data. They’re also “T-shaped” people, meaning they have a broad knowledge of a wide range of topics, but are incredibly skilled in one specific area. t’s great to work with them and great fun!
What mobile devices do you use?
Currently, I use an iPhone 5S, but I have a shiny new iPhone 6 on its way to me as we speak. Apologies to all the Android fans out there for my iOS addiction!
What are your favourite apps?
Waze & Spotify.
Will you buy an Apple Car? What do you think about self-driving cars?
Probably not, I doubt it’ll be able to handle Tallinn’s roads! On the wider subject of self-driving cars, I think they can benefit society in many areas: reduced emissions through more efficient driving, reduced road deaths because the driver was looking at their phone etc.
I am a car lover myself, a lot of us at Adcash are (we’ve even supported a Le Mans 24 hour racing team) and a lot of people decry the coming of new car tech as a bad thing. But I don’t see it that way. In the same way the car replaced the horse, freeing the horse from its position as a beast of burden, self-driving, hydrogen fuel cell cars can release the cars and allow them to become objects of pleasure and entertainment.
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