Christoph Brughmans, co-founder of Addiliate Talks Performance Marketing

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Partner Post - Addiliate Global Performance Marketing Network

Posted: June 8, 2016

Christoph Brughmans is the co-founder of and is responsible for business development in Addiliate. He has extensive experience with affiliate management, digital marketing campaigns’ optimization and dealing with advertisers.
What is Addiliate and what do you offer?
We are a global affiliate network with +900 worldwide campaigns in all verticals, both for desktop and mobile (CPI, CPL, CPA).
For Publishers, Addiliate provides access to a huge amount of performance-based campaigns from all over the world. For Advertisers, Addiliate provides access to thousands of performance-based publishers all over the world that are able to generate sales for your campaigns.
Founded in 2010, we make sure to offer the highest payouts to our 8,000 affiliates, and we pay our affiliates on a weekly basis. Very important as well, all our new affiliates receive a 500$US Welcome Bonus.
Addiliate – a Global Performance Marketing Network
What type of advertisers and publishers do you work with?
Our biggest campaigns & advertisers we work with are focused on app install campaigns on iOS and Android (CPI), gaming, dating, sweepstakes, sports betting and free trial campaigns.
Regarding our publishers we work with both established multinational companies as well as individual media buyers. All combined, our publishers deliver +5 billion weekly impressions.
What countries are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
Our biggest markets are the US, Mexico and Brazil in the Americas and the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy in Europe. Other strong markets are Australia, India and Russia.
That being said, we serve worldwide traffic to our advertisers and can also deliver good volumes in other LATAM, European and Asian countries. A lot depends on the specific campaigns and its payout, saturation in the market, volume caps and allowed promotion methods.
What tips can you give to publishers that want to run successful affiliate programs?
Build knowledge. Read a lot on forums such as, attend trade shows and network with other affiliates, and talk with account managers (at of course ;-)) before deciding what vertical(s) you want to focus on.
Once you feel confortable, test before invest. Always test a few offers on a small scale and once you see that they work well and have a positive ROI, make sure to upscale FAST. All campaigns eventually die out so generate all the revenues you can before its over.
Never run any campaign without tracking. Work only with networks that have been in business for more than 3 years – there are a lot of crazy cowboys out there. Working with an established network will give you peace of mind.
What do you think are the most important trends in app marketing right now?
Advertisers are getting stricter and stricter. A few years ago they only wanted installs, installs and more installs. Now they look very carefully at performance KPIs.
The focus is shifting from big bulk traffic to high-quality traffic and advertisers only want to work with trusted partners. Publishers and networks need to make High Quality their first priority as well. If you deliver high quality traffic, there are still many millions of euros to be made.
How do you manage to strike a balance between effective fraud detection and quick and reliable ad serving?
Our primary focus is on insuring we deliver high quality traffic. If we have to choose between giving up volume in order to deliver high quality, we will do so. Obviously we aim to deliver both Quality and Quantity, as affiliate marketing is all about driving big volumes.
Delivering high quality (and hence fraud detection and prevention) is our long-term objective in order to make sure we can have a long and fruitful relationship with both our advertisers and publishers.
What verticals do you see attract the greatest number of publishers?
Direct app installs on iOS and Android, gaming, dating and sweepstakes are very popular with most of our affiliates. Its important to take into account we work with 8,000 affiliates and naturally they all have their own preferences and needs. That’s the exact reason we have a well-diversified portfolio of campaigns in terms of geographies and verticals. We always make sure to deliver the highest possible payout as we know this is very important to our affiliates.
Ad blocking problem has been heavily debated, what are your thoughts about it?
It goes without saying we don’t like adblockers 🙂
Users should know that the content they are now getting access to for free is only free because of the ads that pay for this. Installing an adblocker will lead to more paid content. Also, adblockers themselves underminde their own purpose by still allowing ads if the advertiser pays the Adblocker to let them through.
What mobile devices do you personally use?
iPhone 6s
What are your favourite apps?
The usual suspects. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram.
What do you think about the Apple Watch and wearables in general?
Another device to be connected to the internet? My wife is going to kill me.