The Booming China Mobile Market Place And How To Build With Them

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Posted: April 6, 2016

Tao Tao has been working between the China and International markets for over 4 years. She has facilitated many large scale and enterprise partnerships with a deep understanding of the mobile and software industries. Tao Tao as been part of the Tabatoo family for the past 3+ years.
China has a huge number of mobile users which continues to grow. This makes China one of the most lucrative markets for mobile advertising.
“Compared to the developed markets, such as the US and Western Europe, the media advertisement in China has been around for a relatively short time. So, switching to digital and mobile modes doesn’t break old habits and happens much faster. Marketers are simply keeping up with what consumers are doing,” explains Haixia Wang, VP of forecasting at eMarketer.
Shanghai, China

Indeed, Chinese marketers quickly learned the benefits of advertising with thousands of big and small mobile companies, focusing not only on the domestic market, but also expanding their reach worldwide. Since 2012 Tabatoo has collaborated closely with a number of Chinese companies, helping them to bridge their markets with international auditorium. All major players in Chinese market, such as Baidu, Alibaba, CMGE, Elex and others are among Tabatoo’s long-term partners.
Because we are a premium mobile platform with 2000 direct publishers, in addition to our own traffic. Part of what sets us apart is our self-service platform, which we developed to allow publishers a quick and smooth integration with the unified SDK. It leaves us with the top-notch publishers out there.
We not only offer direct traffic but also work with In-App event pixels, and Sub ID’s. Additionally, Tabatoo is able to do contextual targeting, which allows us to customize and optimize the campaigns down to the tiniest details and provide a great user value. All this alongside our advanced algorithms allows us to target and build successful campaigns.
With such advanced technologies, Tabatoo is also able to know what traffic will convert for our advertisers, even before serving their campaign.
Tabatoo offers one-on-one campaign manager to continuously manage and optimize the campaigns on the daily basis. We don’t have a language or culture barrier, since your campaigns are accompanied by the native speakers of your target market.
All this time Tabatoo has been helping the Chinese advertisers to grow and expand outside of China, and will continue to do so.
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