Chinese Internet company Tencent launches new OS for wearables and IoT hardware

Andy Boxall

In news

May 1, 2015

tencent logo

Chinese Internet company Tencent has announced a new operating system, named TOS+, which is designed to be used on wearable smart hardware, Internet of Things hardware, smart connected televisions, and even virtual reality headsets. The new TOS+ platform follows the announcement of TOS, or Tencent Operating System, earlier this year.

The TOS and TOS+ platforms are based on Google Android, and will be made available to developers either for free as an open source project, or in return for a share of any revenue earned through it. At the launch event Tencent’s Mark Ren, the president of Tencent’s entertainment and mobile Internet group, said the company would focus on four factors with TOS+.

These are, according to The Register, stability of service between hardware, availability of content scaled for the hardware on which it’s presented, access to lower levels of the system, and the chance for publishers to monetise their content.

Tencent doesn’t intend to make hardware, but will be pushing its own wide range of apps and services with TOS+. These include China’s most popular messaging system, WeChat, and the widely used QQ social network. Tencent also owns gaming and entertainment platforms.

Although it wields considerable power in China, Tencent’s TOS isn’t without competition. It’s up against platforms from online shopping giant Alibaba, growing smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, and even Samsung with its Tizen platform.