China and Android rule the mobile game install market


China has topped the list for most mobile game installations in the world, according to trends measured by Unity, and published in the latest Games By The Numbers report. The data shows China represented nearly 30% of the total number of game installs during the second quarter of 2016, with the U.S. in second position at just over 10%.

Unity map

Charting only the top 10 countries, Unity notes that the UK and Turkey have been pushed out by Indonesia and Vietnam since Q1 2016, and that India has the slight edge over Japan to take fifth position. Brazil and Russia round out the top five.

China favors Android, according to Unity’s data, with 81% of game installs happening on Google’s mobile operating system. It doesn’t lead the world though. Android in Indonesia controls 96% of the mobile game installs, Brazil 92%, Korea 90%, Mexico 89%, and Russia with 86% are all ahead of it.

Unity Install Chart

Japan is the only country on Unity’s list where iOS is more popular, with 53% of installs happening on Apple devices. In the U.S., iOS takes 30% and Android nearly 70%. All this gives Android an 82% hold on the mobile game install market in total, up 1% over the previous quarter, while iOS stays at 17%.

Unity says 238,248 games have been made using its platform, which have been installed 4.4 billion times over 1.7 billion unique devices. The complete Unity Games By The Numbers report can be downloaded here.