Cheetah Mobile integrates mobile in-app anti-fraud solution by Protected Media

Cheetah Mobile, the mobile utility and security app maker, today announced that it implemented Protected Media’s anti-fraud solutions to manage in-app fraud.
The company said it was committed to quality traffic, protecting media budgets and offering enhanced transparency. By adding Protected Media, Cheetah Mobile can proactively detect and prevent fraud.
Altogether, the company’s apps now have around 4 billion worldwide installs with over 580 million monthly active users.
Protected Media’s multi-layer ad fraud detection and prevention solution can identify the source of bad traffic and thus boost the integrity of the apps.

“We are proud to provide Cheetah Mobile scalable, reliable methods of fraud detection and prevention to give their customers a high level of confidence that their ad traffic is real,” said Amichai Zuntz, EVP Sales of Protected Media. “For too long, publishers have been unfairly paying the price for ad fraud. With a robust multi layered anti-fraud approach, publishers like Cheetah can regain control of their traffic, and focus on what they do best – creating applications and content that will attract premium advertisers.”

With in-app fraud presenting a significantly larger share of ad budgets, fraudsters are more incentivised to focus their activities on the mobile ad format.
Apps are also less frequently blocked by ad blockers.
IHS Inc. estimates that in-app native ad revenue will reach two-thirds of mobile display ad revenues to $53.4 billion by 2020. At the same time, Protected Media has witnessed the growth of in-app publisher fraud – increasing 10x compared to the previous rate.
Bounz Chien, Head of Cheetah Marketplace at Cheetah Mobile, explained that the company was feeling responsible for its advertisers and was committed to optimising advertising spend and ROI.

“Protected Media is an excellent partner for us – they provide unparalleled ad fraud detection and prevention with no latency for our advertisers,” he added. “Fraud detection and prevention is a precise science and we’ve noticed that different publishers are susceptible to different fraud schemes, with utility providers more likely to feel the effects of fraud. There are also viewability issues which content publishers need to address. We are extremely impressed with the precision and granularity of the results we’ve seen with Protected Media and we are proud to join the quest to bring better transparency and trust to mobile in-app ad measurements.”