Celtra launches Programmatic Creative to provide better audience data to mobile marketers

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Celtra, the analytics, authoring and optimisation platform for display advertising, has released Programmatic Creative as an addition to its AdCreator platform. The new tool enables marketers to create data-driven dynamic creatives using leading information services and data analytics providers, such as Neustar, across mobile and desktop inventory. Through customisation, ads can be easily matched to customers and retain consistency within audience targeting, reaching the right person at the right time.
Programmatic Creative allows advertisers to analyse and optimise dynamic ads
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Source: celtra.com
It’s partnership with Neustar enables advertisers to utilise audience data through a customisable self-service platform.
Lisa Joy Rosner, Chief Marketing Officer, Neustar Inc. says:

“Audience data has been traditionally used by advertisers for targeting audiences and measuring the reach of their digital campaigns. On mobile platforms the use beyond media has been limited and we are extremely excited to explore new opportunities of audience data use in mobile advertising. Creative ad strategies benefiting from increased access to audience data are widely seen as the next frontier in mobile display and video and high quality audience data will once again play a key role in making mobile advertising even better.”

In addition, Programmatic Creative offers situational data including location, weather and time, to be used individually, or in combination with audience data, for a sophisticated set of rules.
Mihael Mikek, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Celtra, adds:

“Programmatic Creative is more than just an enhancement of the platform; it is our new direction and strategy for growing the business to the next level. While it’s still early, we believe this is a pivotal moment in our evolution, which will change our business and the opportunities that lie ahead. This technology will power all of our ad products moving forward and will become the key value in all ads we deliver in the future.”

The new tool combines media buying with a creative approach to production by allowing advertisers to run dynamically customized audience specific creatives and match them with targeted audiences. It bridges the gap between cookieless mobile and desktop environments.
Speaking about the changes in programmatic, Matevz Klanjsek, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Celtra, says:

“Ever since the industry embraced programmatic media buying, the creative has largely been an afterthought for most advertisers. It’s been hard to automate and at the same time the efficiencies of audience buying offered enough lift to compensate for mediocre creative. Programmatic Creative is changing that by making the use of the same leading audience data providers and other data signals in creatives extremely easy and aligned with media buying processes and strategies, thus enabling advertisers to easily deliver the most relevant message to their targeted audiences.”

Advertisers and publishers have rapidly adopted programmatic buying and selling. With US programmatic ad revenue to top $15 billion in 2015, for the first time programmatic transactions will make up the majority (52%) of non-search digital ad spending. According to this BI Intelligence report, mobile and video real-time bidding is leading the growth in programmatic.