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Dennis Werner, Growth Manager and Jared Beekhuyzen, Video and Storytelling Manager at Wunder Carpool presents at App Promotion Summit Berlin 2016 on the subject of ‘How to Market User Generated Content for Mobile Acquisition’ covering: How to acquire user generated content How to develop user generated content How to optimise user generated content for acquisition

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Developers and app marketers could be wasting a massive chunk of the investment made in user acquisition if push notifications aren’t being sent to those that opt in to them, according to analytics company Urban Airship. How much? A massive 95 cents for every dollar spent on acquisition, as just 5% of users continue to use the app 90 days after it was first opened. The company says at least a quarter of users that opt-in to notifications don’t receive any in that time, revealing a lack of engagement that may end up being very costly. In a press release, Urban Airship says: “Not only is sending zero push notifications a massive waste of user acquisition investments, it ignores an important and direct channel to

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Femke Schmarbeck, Head Of Mobile & App Marketing, About You, presents at App Promotion Summit Berlin 2016 on the subject of ‘How The (App) Marketing Mix Affects User Behaviour’ covering: Instagram users vs google users – how are they different? How to track, measure and analyse user segments Lessons learned and mistakes to avoid

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February 10, 2017

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  February 14, and the weeks around it, may sound like the ideal time to encourage new users to a dating app, but data from analytics company Liftoff says that’s not the case, and suggests saving any big marketing push until the beginning of summer. Instead of the beginning for the year, being prime dating app user acquisition time, it’s June that sees the highest registration numbers, with 53% of users registering after installing a dating app, a figure that continues into July, August, and even September. Subscription rates also peak at this time, with an average 3.1% in July and 3% in August. Liftoff’s average costs for dating app user acquisition Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s a difference in how dating apps are used between men

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Brian Niblo, Senior Digital Strategist, Trademob, presents at App Promotion Summit Berlin 2016 on the subject of ‘Dynamic User Acquisition And Retargeting’ covering: Show your most popular products inside creatives based on age, gender, location, income and interest Increase activity and conversions of existing users Case study with delivery hero demonstrating massive increase in ROI, orders and revenue

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Tomas Ruta, Growth Marketer at Founders Factory, presents at App Promotion Summit Berlin 2016 on the subject of ‘User Acquisition Trends To Pay Attention To In 2017’ covering: Bots, app indexing, iOS search ads, snapchat ads and influencer platforms Redefining what’s possible in mobile growth Taking your app global from the get-go

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Digital engagement company Mobiquity has formed a partnership with Insert, which specializes in in-app marketing, to provide app developers with a way to better engage with customers; either through a complete new app, or enhancements to an existing one. Insert and Mobiquity have formed a partnership Mobiquity will continue to provide the app development and strategy, while through the Insert platform, the app owner can add new features to it — anything from short messages to view and surveys — without the need to code them in, or submit the app for approval. Shahar Kaminitz, Insert’s CEO, said: “Mobiquity builds apps that – from the first stages of design – put the customer front and center. Apps are dynamic rather than static, and Insert’s technology

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App Annie has come up with a new tool for developers and marketers requiring more data to assist in making user acquisition campaigns more successful. It’s called Marketing Intelligence, and it gives a deeper look at app store optimisation, providing advice on the best use of marketing budgets. App Annie has launched Marketing Intelligence In addition to finding new ways of increasing app discoverability, Marketing Intelligence users gain insight into the best ways to use galleries, effective keywords, and a glimpse at how competing apps are employing ads and other tools. The platform also keeps track of all creative work, and network partners in a single spot. Bertrand Schmitt, App Annie’s CEO, said: “As every business expands into mobile apps, App Annie is evolving its

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Depending on which category your app is in, the user retention rate may vary dramatically, according to data shared by app analytics experts at SurveyMonkey Intelligence. Additionally, it also illustrates the difference between the average median engagement value, and those that occupy both the top 20% and bottom 80%. App engagement data shows how often an app is used each week In an entirely unsurprising turn of events, it’s weather apps that manage the highest retention rate and the lowest amount of time spent in an app per day — topping three times per week, and less than 100 seconds each time on average. However, look more closely and you’ll see the most popular weather apps still capture a users attention in a strong way,

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Mobile engagement platform Urban Airship says the traditional marketing funnel approach to user acquisition and engagement is out of date, and has come up with an alternative called the “Mobile Engagement Loop.” The idea is the funnel has an obvious end point, while the loop continues to assess growth and opportunities to re-engage with users. Urban Airship’s Mobile Engagement Loop Following the app download, there are four stages in the loop — onboarding, conversion, retention, and finally re-engagement. The loop makes it easier to visualize the engagement lifecycle, and is designed as a single exercise, rather than individual stages. Urban Airship writes: “Successful mobile engagement does not follow a traditional funnel approach — viewing your customer’s journey through the mobile engagement loop will ensure a

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