Built.io expands iPaaS Flow platform


Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), Built.io, has had a good start to 2016. It recently won the 2016 DeveloperWeek award for “Best API Infrastructure Technology”, and now the company unveils a series of new features for its Built.io Flow platform.

Built.io expands features of its iPaaS Flow platform

built.io flow

Source: built.io

Among additional features, Built.io released the Flow Mobile App for iPhone and Android that lets clients view and manage workflows using their mobile devices. It comes with a personal mobile endpoint which can be embedded into any workflow.

The Flow platform now also supports Triggers and Webhooks, to enable events in one system to cause an action in another. Realtime API Listeners take this a step further by plugging into the SaaS apps to provide real-time capabilities such as Slack and PubNub.

Through the addition of Collaboration Bots, Flow now provides enterprise collaboration tools, such as Cisco Spark and Slack. It also embeds the ability to trigger workflows and aggregate data within the context of a conversation. Say a user wants to organise a team meeting, s/he can now auto-book the conference room, set up a conference call, book calendars and share materials using services such as IBM Watson.

The Built.io Flow Enterprise Gateway now supports a secure communication between on-premise systems and the cloud, to help conform to existing security policies. In addition, the company has also upgrade the UI to perform 4x faster and host new developer tools.

Matthew Baier, COO, Built.io, says:


“Built.io Flow use cases span everyday connections – such as integrations between CRM and Marketing Automation – all the way to connected airports, stadiums, malls, cars and smart cities. We’ve seen thousands of new signups since the beginning of the year and are partnering with some of the industry’s largest integrators, as well as the most innovative digital agencies, to change the world through automation.”

More specifically, the company says it added over 400 integrations to the Flow library since launch. These integrations are categorised as:

  • Cloud-based Business Software: Cisco Spark and Tropo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Jive, Slack, JIRA, Twilio, Drip, Mixpanel, Zendesk
  • Developer and DevOps Tools: MongoDB, Pingdom, GitHub, PubNub, Docker, PagerDuty
  • API-enabled IoT and Consumer Services: Fitbit, Nest, Uber, Stripe, Pinterest

Sanjay Dayal, CTO and Co-Founder, Agralogics, adds:

sanjay dayal

“Agriculture and food production has distinct integration challenges with multiple generations of disparate systems running in their own silos. Built.io Flow for the first time makes robust, enterprise scale integration available to millions of small, medium and enterprise businesses. Its ease of use and out of the box integration helped us accomplish in weeks what normally takes months. Needless to say we are very impressed with the technology.”

New features on Built.io Flow will be available worldwide from 15. March 2016 at www.built.io/flow.